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AMPER Trade Fair

AMPER Trade Fair 2025Exhibition Name: AMPER Trade Fair
Industry: Electronic
Organizer: Terinvest exhibition company
Exhibition Area: 30010.00㎡
Exhibitor Number: 801
Visitors Number: 46296 people
Held Period: 1 year 1 session
Hosting Address: Europe-Czech Republic Brno Exhibition Center

AMPER Trade Fair – Introduction

AMPER trade fair is Europe’s leading event for electrical engineering and electronics, held every March at the Brno Exhibition Center in Brno, Czech Republic. The Brno Electronics and Lighting Exhibition (AMPER) is the largest and most influential electronics and electrical exhibition in the Czech Republic. Since its inception in 1993, it has become a central meeting point for experts, companies and innovators in the electronics industry and is organized by Terinvest. The organization has established AMPER as the largest international event in the fields of electrical engineering, energy, automation, communications, lighting and security in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The AMPER trade fair covers a wide range of topics including energy, power transmission and storage, automation, digitalization, building management, industry and storage and transport infrastructure. In addition, measuring and testing equipment, modern electrical installations, lighting and safety technology, electronic modules and components are presented, as well as solutions for electric vehicles, smart cities and more.

One of the highlights was the awarding of the “Golden Amper” competition, which recognizes innovative products and solutions in various categories. The award is one of the most coveted in the electronics industry and highlights AMPER’s role as a platform for innovation and technological advancement.

With its modern infrastructure and central European location, the Brno Exhibition Center offers ideal conditions for exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The center’s heritage as an exhibition venue creates excellent opportunities to maintain business relationships, make new contacts and learn about the latest trends and technologies.

Therefore, AMPER is not only a platform to showcase the latest products and services, but also an important catalyst for the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the industry. Combining specialist exhibitions, competitions and a wide range of programmes, AMPER provides a unique insight into the future of the electrical engineering and electronics industry and allows people to engage with a vibrant community of professionals driving technology forward.

AMPER’s last exhibition had a total area of 30,000 square meters, with 680 exhibitors from Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Hungary, India, and the United States, and the number of exhibitors reached 44,500.

The successful hosting of Brno AMPER further confirmed its leading position in the Czech electronics industry and gained a solid seat in the global electronics industry expo. The European market is a large market that Chinese electronics companies focus on and actively promote. Chinese companies can use the Czech Republic as a springboard to enter the European market and continue to move towards the entire European market. AMPER will be held in Brno for 3 days from Tuesday 18 March 2025 to Thursday 20 March 2025.

AMPER Trade Fair 2025 – Exhibit Scope

Electronic components part: semiconductors, sensors and micro systems, passive components, displays, system components, electromechanical components and packaging technology, welding materials and technology, electromechanical equipment, semiconductor production technology and processes, micro system production technology, circuit boards, power supplies , switch production technology and equipment, connectors, cables, plug-in devices, assembly parts/module production technology, ED/EDA test and measurement technology, LCD/LED, display modules, optical devices, optoelectronic technology and equipment

Electrical products section: electrical accessories, batteries, electrical complete sets, electric heating equipment, motors, wires, cables, connectors, power supplies, explosion-proof electrical appliances, switches, high-voltage electrical appliances, low-voltage electrical appliances, insulation materials, transformers, power transmission and distribution equipment, industrial control electrical appliances , electrical instruments, electrical instruments, anti-static products, welding materials

Lighting product section: LED street lights/tunnel lights, LED outdoor/indoor lighting, LED traffic/automotive lights, solar LED lights and LED lighting accessories, etc., LED backlight, LED packaging design, LED display, LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, etc.

AMPER Trade Fair 2025 – Exhibition Hall

Venue Area: 203523 square meters
Exhibition Hall Address: Europe-Czech Republic-Vystavitě 405/1, 603 00 Brno-sted


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