Current Date:April 23, 2024

Canton Fair 2024

As an important channel for China’s foreign trade and an important window for opening up to the outside world, the Canton Fair has been successfully held for many sessions. Canton Fair Trade Show is China’s comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete products, the largest number of buyers and the widest sources, the best transaction results, and the best reputation. The Canton Fair 2024 will be held twice in spring and autumn, attracting thousands of Canton Fair exhibitors and buyers from all over the world to display and purchase a variety of innovative products.

The exhibition scale of the Canton Fair 2024 will reach 1.55 million square meters, gathering high-quality suppliers from various industries and domestic and foreign buyers. The exhibits cover machinery, electronics, light industry, food, medical and other fields, showing the strength and level of China’s manufacturing and service industries to the world. It is expected that more than 30,000 Chinese companies will participate in the exhibition, providing buyers from all over the world with a wealth of choices.

In order to further enrich business formats and expand functions, the 135th Canton Fair has set up trade service points in Areas A and D of the Canton Fair exhibition hall, inviting trade service companies to settle in and share global business opportunities. In addition, the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024 provides one-stop services including design, approval, and construction, as well as logistics, online display and promotion, business negotiation and matching, publicity and advertising services, legal consultation and intellectual property protection, catering, accommodation, transportation guidance and a series of supporting services to provide exhibitors and visitors with all-round convenience.

Canton Fair 2024 will be an important platform to showcase the strength of Chinese commodities and promote Sino-foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, and is worth looking forward to. Welcome to the future of 2024 Canton Fair Trade Show! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation and creativity at the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024. From cutting-edge technology to groundbreaking products, this event is set to redefine what it means to experience innovation. Join us as we explore all that this dynamic fair has to offer and discover the endless possibilities that await you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary – let your imagination run wild at the Guangzhou Canton Fair 2024!

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