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Top 10 Blanket Manufacturers In China

Top 10 Blanket Manufacturers In ChinaAfter years of development, China’s blanket industry has become one of the world’s largest blanket production and export bases. There are nearly 100 state-owned blanket manufacturers in China, mainly concentrated in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Zhejiang and other provinces. The blankets produced by these enterprises not only occupy an important position in the domestic market, but are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

China blanket manufacturers produce a wide range of products, including tufted blankets, plush raschel blankets, pure blankets, blended blankets, and synthetic blankets. These blankets can be further subdivided according to raw materials, color distribution, processing methods, size specifications, uses and special functions. For example, according to raw materials, there are acrylic blankets, wool blankets, etc. According to color distribution, there are plain blankets, printed blankets, etc.

Chinese blanket manufacturers have a high level of manufacturing technology. They use advanced production equipment and technology and focus on product quality and environmental protection requirements. Some large enterprises also have independent research and development capabilities and are able to innovate and design products based on market demand and consumer preferences.

Although China’s blanket industry as a whole is highly competitive, market competition is also extremely fierce. On the one hand, due to their small scale and low technical level, most blanket companies mainly produce mid- to low-end products, resulting in overcapacity of low-end products and relying mainly on low-price competition. On the other hand, a few large blanket companies have entered the high-end product market by virtue of their technology and brand advantages and achieved higher profitability. This polarization phenomenon has affected the healthy development of the industry to a certain extent.

With the acceleration of market transformation and upgrading and the need for industry integration, China blanket manufacturers will face the transformation challenges of high-end, branding and scale. In the future, the industry will pay more attention to product quality and innovative design to meet consumers’ pursuit of high-quality life. At the same time, enterprises will also increase R&D investment and technological innovation to enhance product added value and market competitiveness. In addition, with the increase in environmental awareness and changes in the international trade environment, Chinese blanket manufacturers also need to pay attention to changes in environmental standards and trade policies to deal with potential market risks and challenges.

In short, China blanket manufacturers have an important position and competitiveness in the global market, but they also need to face many challenges such as market competition, product innovation, and environmental protection requirements. In the future, as industry transformation and upgrading accelerates and consumer demands continue to change, China blanket manufacturers will need to continue to innovate and make progress to cope with market changes and challenges. If you are looking for quality blanket suppliers in China, then it is recommended that you browse this article. In this article, we will explore the top 10 blanket manufacturers in China.

Best Blanket Suppliers In China

1. Hangzhou Royal Textile Co., Ltd.

Royal - home textile manufacturer in ChinaHangzhou Royal Textile Co., Ltd.., established in 1989, is an export-oriented home textile supplier with 28 years of manufacturing experience. The company now has more than 220 employees and 35 technical staff, covering an area of 18,500 square meters, with an annual production scale of over 100 million yuan.

Royal Textile obtained the import and export enterprise qualification certificate in early 2001; in 2003, it passed ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system certification; in 2005, its products passed a series of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, BSCI certification, GS certification, Disney authorized production certificate, etc. International certificate.

As China’s leading home textile manufacturer, Royal Textile’s main products include bedding, blankets, bathrobes, bedding and other home textile products of various qualities. Exported to Europe, America, Canada, Japan and other countries and regions. We sincerely hope to establish cooperative relations with friends at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit, and warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us and negotiate business.

Main Products: Bed Set, Blanket, Cushion, Curtain, Bathrobe

Advantages: Royal Textile is a professional home textile manufacturer in China with 28 years of experience in home textile production and export trade.

2. Nantong Rhino Homeware Co., Ltd.

Rhino HomewareNantong Rhino Homeware Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Nantong. It has a factory building of more than 10,000 square meters and more than 150 employees. As a manufacturer, we have specialized in home textiles for more than 10 years.

Nantong Rhino is committed to OEM and ODM services, especially for well-known brands such as Mercury and Mendale. In addition, we also assist e-commerce companies in supplying products for sale on Amazon, Ebay, etc. We have the ability to help customers develop new products in terms of materials, design and packaging.

Our company’s weighted blankets and kits are all custom-made. We can customize the material and size of the product according to your requirements, and the weight of the gravity blanket and filled glass bead materials can also be customized.

In order to prevent you from being dissatisfied with the material and weight of the gravity blanket after receiving the product, you can contact us in time and we will solve the problem for you based on your actual situation. Our return and exchange guarantee service will protect your rights and interests during the entire process.

Main Products: Weighted Blankets, Bedding Sets, Pillows, Quilts, Maternity Pillows, Bedspreads, Electric Blankets

Advantages: With our products like weighted blankets and bedding sets, we cut out all the middlemen and we sell our weighted blankets directly. So the price you get from us is the factory direct selling price.

3. Yuyao Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber Ltd. Company

Tianyi special carbon fiberYuyao Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber Ltd. Company was established in 1988 and is located in Yaobei New Industrial Zone, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. It provides high-quality sealing materials, thermal insulation and fireproof materials to global B2B importers and dealers. The main products include fireproof blankets, welding blankets, sealing cloths, high-temperature cloths and labor protection supplies, etc. Tianyi products are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, welding, fire protection, home furnishing and other fields. We always adhere to the tenet of quality first and customer first, and continue to develop and improve. The products are exported to all over the world and are deeply trusted and welcomed by customers at home and abroad. In the same industry, Tianyi Special Carbon Fiber Company took the lead in passing ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental quality system certification.

The leading products, fireproof blankets, comply with European standard EN 1869:2019 and Australian standard AS/NSZ 3504, welding curtains comply with EN ISO 25980:2014, and carbon fiber cloths comply with Japanese standard JIS A 1323. Products also comply with standards NFPA 701, EN 13501, BS 476, ASTM F 1989 and GB/T 19001-2016.

Main Products: Fire Blanket, Welding Blanket, Sealing, High Temperature Fabric

Advantages: Tianyi is a professional material manufacturer of specialized in fire blanket, welding blanket, sealing, high temperature fabric.

4. Nati Refractories (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Nati RefractoriesNATI Refractories Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production and export of high-temperature refractory materials, with more than 19 years of export experience; providing the most energy-saving design; providing high-quality projects and services.

NATI’s goal is to become the best supplier of refractory materials with high quality, low cost and high value. NATI has different factories in Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Sichuan Province, Jiangxi Province, Shanxi Province, Hunan Province, etc.

NATI products include: ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber boards, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber modules, ceramic fiber textiles, ceramic foam filters, graphite crucibles, insulating refractory bricks, calcium silicate products, etc.

NATI products are mainly used in ceramics, glass, steel, casting, machinery, heat treatment, petrochemicals, electric power and other fields.

NATI’s responsibility is to help you: minimize your energy consumption, save your furnace maintenance costs, improve the quality of your products, NATI will be your best choice!

Main Products: Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Ceramic Fiber Board, Ceramic Foam Filter, Aerogel Insulation Felt, Catalytic Converter Support Mat

Advantages: NATI is a professional high temperature refractories suppliers in China. Our mission is to make your purchase easier through our service, so that you can purchase more reliable high temperature refractory materials.

5. Zhejiang Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd.

Zengbo is a professional blanket supplier. We provide the best one-stop service for wholesale blankets. Our blankets include polar fleece, washcloths, baby blankets, waterproof picnic blankets and sherpa blankets. We also have custom made colorful patterned blankets. We use high-quality fabrics and advanced technology to create the blanket you want. You can buy high quality blankets here at very friendly prices.

As a professional blanket manufacturer, we provide customized OEM and ODM solutions designed to meet your individual needs and market requirements. Whether you are looking for a specific design, size or material, we can provide the best solution.

We understand each customer’s needs. We are committed to providing flexible, customized solutions.
Our experienced design team can provide you with innovative design solutions.
We strictly control all production links. This ensures our products are of the highest quality.

Our service process:
We will communicate with you to understand your needs.
Our dedicated design team will design to your needs, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
We will make samples, provide them for free, and make necessary adjustments based on your feedback until you are satisfied.
We will start production and ensure the products are of high quality and delivered on time.

Main Products: Blankets, Fabrics, Beach Towels, Shower Curtains

Advantages: We are customer-focused and provide professional services, and over the years, we have earned the trust and reputation of our customers to become your trustworthy blanket supplier. We are also committed to environmentally friendly production and sustainable measures that contribute to the planet and your comfort.

6. Wuxi Huierjia International Trade Co., Ltd.

HuierjiaWuxi Huierjia International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of home textiles. We have our own factory with about 20 years of international business experience. Our main business includes various textile products for home use, hotels, hospitals, airlines and cruise ships, such as bed sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, quilts and bedding, curtains, sofa covers, mattress pads, cushions, etc.

We offer very competitive prices because all T/C and 100% cotton fabrics are produced by our own factory Jiangyin Weisheng Sewing Products Co., Ltd., from yarn sizing to weaving, bleaching, printing and dyeing, embroidery , quilting to ready-to-wear items. Over the past few years, we have won great satisfaction and trust from our customers with our excellent quality and good reputation, and through continuous innovation and development. We hope to establish business relationships with you in the near future and warmly welcome your visit.

Main Products: Mattress Protectors, Slipcovers, Waterproof Cushions, Bedding Sets, Pillowcases, Pillows, Curtains, Blankets

Advantages: Wuxi Huierjia International Trade Co., Ltd. is a well-known and prestigious company specializing in providing various textile products for homes, hotels, hospitals, airlines and cruise ships. With a strong focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, the company has established a dominant position in Chinese and overseas markets.

7. Hangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd

 Xiangrong TextilesWeshone Ge started in 2007 as a sourcing agency providing sourcing and quality control services with 13 years of experience in the textile export industry. We used our extensive experience in the textile industry to start helping our customers produce unique products. We specialize in blankets, shawls and baby products. Although we do not have our own factory, we set ourselves apart from regular traders by personally sourcing fabrics and materials to ensure top quality. Every stage of the production process undergoes strict quality inspection. These products are manufactured in our carefully selected partner factories with whom we have built lasting relationships. With years of experience, we thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and continuously strive to deliver best-in-class, cutting-edge products.

Main Products: Blankets, Bathrobes, Bath Mats And Bedding

Advantages: HHangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd manufactures high-quality blankets and other products such as blankets, bathrobes, bath mats and bedding. Its products are mainly made from high-quality natural fibers. Hangzhou Xiangrong Textiles Co., Ltd provides high-quality products. The company offers internationally competitive prices and reliable services. The company is located in Hangzhou, China.

8. Jiangsu Union-Smart Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Union-Smart Welcome to Union-Smart, we are a professional manufacturer of various types of blankets and throws since 2009, located in beautiful Changzhou, a city historically famous for professional textile manufacturing, about 2 years away from Shanghai Hours drive, so we enjoy convenient sea, land and air transportation.

Union-Smart has built a growing customer base in the United States and Europe and has developed a broad range of product offerings and designs during our 10 years of operation. Our main products include blankets, throws, bedding sets and bed tops (pillows, cardigans, quilted)

Union-Smart has the best design team that works closely with the sales team to design products according to customer needs in terms of fashion and price. We have thousands of individually designed samples in our showroom.

Main Products: Blankets, Throws, Bedding Sets And Bed Tops

Advantages: Our products are in line with market trends and we consistently provide our customers with the highest quality and value through premium resource solutions. We have a strong design team that can provide the latest designs in the shortest time. We directly control all terminal resources such as fabrics and dyeing to obtain the best price and delivery time. We continue to develop new yarns and new fabrics with different treatments to meet the needs of different markets. We also have a strong resource team, providing diversification and a better capability base. Our design team can provide ample designs according to new trends and always meet customer needs.

10. Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co., Ltd.

WoollenWeihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top blanket manufacturers in the blanket market. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing and wholesale of woven wool blankets, cashmere blankets, bamboo blankets, cotton blankets and other blended blankets. They also make raschel blankets, acrylic blankets, and polyester blankets. Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. is a member of the China Wool Textile Association.

Their products not only occupy a large market share in the Chinese market, but are also exported to overseas countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East. The company has developed into an important domestic production base for high-end wool blankets and folk blankets.

Main Products: Home Blankets, Hotel Blankets, Hospital Blankets

Advantages: There are more than 600 employees, including 110 professional and technical personnel. At present, the company has 17 wide-width warp knitting machines imported from Japan, two internationally advanced 12-color Austrian Zima printing production lines and a Japanese Toshen printing production line, as well as supporting finishing equipment. It is a professional manufacturer of blankets with complete and advanced production equipment in China.


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