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China Electronics Fair

China Electronics FairExhibition Name: China Electronics Fair
Industry: Electronic
Organizer: China Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Area: 60013.00㎡
Exhibitor Number: 1401
Visitors Number: 61591 people
Held Period: 1 year 1 session
Hosting Address: China-Shanghai New International Expo Center

China Electronics Fair Introduction

China Electronics Fair is one of the oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibitions in China. Started in 1964, it promotes the independent innovation of China’s electronics industry with its leading basic electronic technology and grows together with China’s electronics industry. Serving application industries such as 3C, industry and national defense, helping you fully expand the Chinese market, win more business opportunities, and have a high degree of international influence.

Shanghai Electronics Fair-China Electronics Fair is one of the five members of the Asian Electronics Exhibition Consortium (AEECC). Together with CEATEC JAPAN, Korea Electronics Show (KES), Taiwan Electronics Show (Taitronics), and Hong Kong Electronics Show, it is also known as the five major electronics exhibitions in Asia. The cooperation of various members has greatly enhanced the international influence of the Fund.

In addition, the authoritative forum allows you to publish or listen to hot topics such as industry positioning, market trends, and technological frontiers. Industry media will release the latest products of manufacturers through the official website, more than 100,000 selected high-quality databases, and more than 100 professional media; key media and Exhibition news interviews will invite the most authoritative professional media in the industry to interview the latest technologies of industry leaders during the exhibition.

Shanghai Electronics Fair – China Electronics Fair brings a large number of high-quality visitors, covering electronics, information technology, consumer electronics, digital communications, radio and television, electric power, industrial automation, aerospace, health care, medical electronics, petrochemical and other industries.

China Electronics Show 2024 – Exhibit Scope

Resistors and capacitors: electrolytic capacitors, power capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitors, niobium electrolytic capacitors, titanium electrolytic capacitors, alloy electrolytic capacitors, paper capacitors, paper film composite capacitors, mica capacitors, mica paper capacitors, air capacitors, vacuum capacitors, gas-filled capacitors, Film capacitors, organic film capacitors, paint film capacitors, glass glaze capacitors, glass film capacitors, monolithic capacitors, farad (super) capacitors, etc.

Resistors: thermistors, general-purpose resistors, photoresistors, humidity-sensitive resistors, force-sensitive resistors, high-impedance resistors, fuse resistors, frequency-sensitive rheostat, stainless steel resistors, aluminum shell resistors, braking resistors, grounding resistors, special resistors , adjustable resistor, carbon film resistor, synthetic film resistor, organic solid resistor, inorganic solid resistor, metal film resistor, oxide film resistor, thin film resistor, glass glaze film resistor, etc.

Connectors: circular connectors, sealed connectors, explosion-proof connectors, automotive connectors, terminal connectors, RF coaxial connectors, rectangular connectors, military connectors, precision connectors, wire connectors, special connectors , waterproof connectors, audio connectors, computer connectors, MCS connectors, electronic connectors, cold-pressed connectors, power connectors, printed circuit connectors, heavy-duty connectors, various wiring harness products, etc.

Semiconductor discrete devices: semiconductor diodes, semiconductor transistors, special devices and sensors, power semiconductor devices, etc.

Magnetoelectric industry: transformers, power transformers, inverter transformers, audio transformers, pulse transformers, communication network transformers, switching power supply transformers, special transformers, R-type transformers, isolation transformers; inductors: chip inductors, chip inductors; mutual inductance Instrument categories: current transformers, voltage transformers, precision transformers, DC component transformers, zero sequence current transformers; Magnetic materials: soft ferrite, silicon steel sheets, iron powder cores, other materials; special materials: plastic Hardware accessories, enameled wire, insulation potting materials, other special materials

Integrated circuits: IC design and products, IC design tools and services, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, semiconductor special equipment and components, semiconductor materials, integrated circuit applications and solutions, semiconductor discrete devices, semiconductor optoelectronic devices, power devices, sensor devices , IC distribution, Internet of Things, smart cities, smart homes, portable terminals, automotive electronics, LED, health care and other IC applications

Power supplies, semiconductors: active power devices, third-generation semiconductor materials, analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits, power modules and complete machines

Embedded systems: microprocessors/DSP/hardware, development tool support, automation control technology, sensor technology, touch and display products, robots and machine vision, test measurement and simulation, touch and display, etc.

Instrumentation: electronic and communication instruments, electrical instrumentation, environmental testing instruments and equipment, optical instruments, analytical instruments, automation instrumentation, IC testing, safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing instruments and systems, microwave radio frequency, anti-static products and technology, materials , equipment, tools, etc.

Electronic intelligent manufacturing: automated manufacturing/production process automation, control systems, industrial automation information technology and software, electrical systems, actuators, industrial automation sensors and data acquisition systems; industrial robots: complete robot machines, core robot components, machine vision, systems Integrated applications, service robots; 3D printing technology: 3D printing manufacturing equipment, 3D printing accessories, 3D scanning and software, 3D printing materials and technology, 3D printing services; electronic semiconductor special equipment: SMT technology and equipment, wire harness equipment, laser equipment , PCB and PCB manufacturing equipment, semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.

China’s automotive intelligent network industry: core products: navigation maps, sensors, control chips, operating systems, in-vehicle communications, etc.; key technologies: voice interaction technology, touch and display, intelligent decision-making technology, machine vision image recognition technology, obstacle radar Detection technology sensing unit, DLP technology, etc.; Internet of Vehicles related products: GPS positioning, automotive TSP, automotive App; communication equipment manufacturers, communications service providers, platform operators, data platform technology, content providers, etc.; Vehicle-mounted electronic devices: automotive Information systems, car navigation systems, car infotainment systems, car communication systems, car dongles, Internet devices, car Bluetooth, etc.; intelligent connected cars: concept cars, smart cars, smart electric cars, Internet cars, smart connected cars, Self-driving cars, driverless cars, flying cars, etc.

China Electronics Show 2024 – Dates

Exhibition date: 2024-11-18 ~ 11-20

Exhibition Hall Information

Venue area: 300,000 square meters

Exhibition Hall Address: No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China


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