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Vibroacoustic Therapy Bed

Dida Healthy Vibroacoustic Therapy BedProduct Name: Vibroacoustic Therapy Bed
Brand Name: Dida Healthy
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: DA-NBED
Maximum Weight: 110KG
Power: 110V-220V, 50-60Hz
Usage Environment: 15-25℃

Dida Healthy’s vibroacoustic therapy bed can provide safe and efficient rhythmic passive training for disabled, semi-disabled, and sub-healthy middle-aged and elderly people. Thereby improving active exercise ability and preventing and improving chronic diseases in these groups.

Product Description

Product NameVibroacoustic Therapy Bed
Power Consumption150W(900W when heating)
Humidity55 – 82%
Measurement(L*W*H)1900x900x230(mm) 2000x1200x230(mm) 1900x1500x230(mm)
Heating MaterialsGraphene, Carbon Fiber
Weight65KG (1m)
Applicable ScenesRehabilitation Physiotherapy Center, Community Nursing Center, Health Center, Spa, Maternity Center
Packing Lists1 Nursing bed + 1 Power cable + 1 Remote Controls (Equipped with two batteries) + 1 Product Manual

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?
We are Guangzhou Dida Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2012, Dida Healthy is a company dedicated to the research, development and application of acoustic vibration technology. It has a professional R&D team, an excellent production management team, and high-quality and stable products and services. Industry partners. With the world’s leading patented sonic vibration technology as the core, we have developed a variety of vibroacoustic equipment suitable for preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, family therapy, and health care.


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