Current Date:April 20, 2024

Jinme High Speed Dental Handpiece, Dental Drill J2-SU

Jinme Dental Handpiece Manufacturer


The J2-SU high speed dental handpiece makes less noise when working, thus providing a comfortable treatment environment for both the dentist and patient. It features a sanitary head inside and utilizes push button burr replacement and single point water spray. Users can choose between two-hole or four-hole types and use braces compatible with NSK PANA MAX2 handpieces.

Technical parameters

Working air pressure: 0.23(MPa) ~0.25 (MPa)
Rotational speed: 350(krpm) ~400(krpm)
Torque force: 0.4(N) ~0.45 (N)
Water flowrate: 90(min/ml) ~110(min/ml)
Working water pressure: 0.2(MPa) ~0.23 (Mpa)
Spraying pressure: 0.3(MPa) ~0.35 (MPa)
Noise: ≤60dB
Height of handpiece head: 13.45MM (containing back cover)
Diameter of handpiece head: 11.25MM
Height of handpiece movement: 12.2MM (height of push-button spindle)
Diameter of dental cartridge: 9.5MM

Features of the J2-SU Jinme dental handpiece

1. A hygienic head system is installed inside the turbine handpiece to prevent the negative pressure generated when the handpiece stops working to inhale blood, viruses and skin particles, thus preventing cross-infection. This also protects the dental drill cartridge to avoid damaging the bearing with foreign matter, significantly improving the service life of the hand piece.

2. The top of the movement adopts a movable structure to improve the balance of the upper and lower bearings and avoid friction with the back cover when the movement casing rotates at high speed. This decreases noise and vibration levels of the handpiece, extending its service life.

3. This Jinme dental handpiece is designed with a special structure with 4 grooves for increased movement. It can make the excess gas inside flow out smoothly, which helps to reduce noise and vibration efficiency, and at the same time, it can ensure the number of revolutions required for normal cutting.

About Jinme

Guangdong JINME Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a professional dental handpiece manufacturer in China, professional quality high speed dental handpiece, low speed dental handpieces and related dental instruments for dental professionals. Jinme Handpiece is committed to producing high speed dental handpiece to make treatment easier, more efficient and more accurate.


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