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Knitting Belt

knitting beltProduct Name: Knitting Belt
Brand: Hengzhi
Place of Origin: China
Material: polyester
MOQ: 1000 yards, custom tape 3000 yards
Custom: acceptable
Packing: package with cutting,100 yards perroll

Knitting belt is a belt manufactured by Hengzhi. The belt becomes an indispensable accessory for any item. Knitting belts can complement not only knitted items. With them you will get a very beautiful image, and the belt can be made for jeans or a summer blouse, a beautiful monochrome dress. It is important to choose the right colors and additional components of the belt, so that it looks presentable.

Very often knitting belts can be not only an obligatory part of a homemade coat, cardigan, sundress or elongated sweater, but also quite an independent accessory that will favorably complement the image and give it individuality. The main thing is to support and complement the overall style of your outfit.

Product Detail

Thicknessabout 1 mm
In stockyes
Product DescriptionThe 2 cm wide striped knitted belt is made of polyester. The striped knitted belt is made in a special way and is very thin. It is printed in English and has a unique appearance. It is available in light striped and dark shades. It is both commercial and stylish.

Our Advantage

1. Professional textile manufacturer, mass production, quality assurance.
2. The goods are taken in kind, the color is professionally verified.
3. Customized products are accepted. You can contact us for further information.
4. Dimensions are mechanically measured and very accurate.

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?

We are Hengzhi Textile Factory. We specialize in research and development, production and sales of all kinds of textiles and electronic materials. For textiles, we focus on printing and dyeing cellulose fibers, blended fabrics, blended fabrics, etc. For electronic materials, we focus on PPTC resettable fuses and other diodes, transistors, resistors and capacitors.


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