Current Date:July 16, 2024

Dubai Airshow 2025

Dubai Airshow 2025Exhibition Name: Dubai Airshow 2025
Industry: Aviation
Exhibition Area: 100012.00
Exhibitor Number: 1589
Visitors Number: 105480 people
Held Period: 2 year 1 session
Hosting Address: Middle East-Dubai International Airport Convention and Exhibition Center, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Airshow – Introduction

The Dubai Airshow is the most influential air show in the Middle East. The first Olympic Games were held in 1987. It is also the fastest growing large-scale air show in the world and the third largest air show in the world after the Paris and Moscow Air Shows.

The exhibition area of the Dubai Airshow 2023 was 100,000 square meters, with 1,200 exhibitors from China, Turkey, Brazil, the United States, Australia, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Singapore, etc., and the number of exhibitors reached 79,380.

Dubai is located in the Gulf region and has a huge civil and business aviation market. It is understood that the demand for fighter jets in the UAE alone reaches 40-80 every year, and the civil aviation in the Gulf region and countries doubles every 20 years. As the economic strength of the United Arab Emirates continues to grow, the Dubai Air Show in the Middle East has attracted more and more attention and has become an important platform to showcase the most advanced technologies and achievements of the aerospace industry.

Dubai Airshow 2025 – Exhibit Scope

Components: Aircraft parts, engines, avionics, aviation systems maintenance, repair and overhaul, fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft
Airport equipment and maintenance: aircraft maintenance, airport construction, ground handling facilities, information technology, satellite navigation radar technology, aviation accessories, airport equipment and parts, dispatching system
Communication equipment: communication electronic equipment and services, chemical paints and coatings, aviation-related products, software and trade institutions, etc.
Various types of aircraft: weapon systems, security equipment and peripheral products, drones, helicopters, civil aircraft, military aircraft

Dubai Airshow 2025 – Exhibition Hall

Venue Area: 33,000 square meters
Exhibition Hall Address: Middle East-United Arab Emirates-Emirates Rd, Dubai


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