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4 Seat Bicycle

Motrike 4 Seat BicycleProduct Name: 4 Seat Bicycle
Brand Name: Motrike
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Model Number: MS-2
Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Gears: Single Speed
Braking System: Front and Rear Drum Type

Motrike 4 seat bicycle is powder coated by the Austrian Tiger brand. This coating process optimizes the bike’s rust, wear and corrosion resistance, allowing the bike to be used in different weather conditions. Eye-catching powder coat and clear coat give the bike a beautiful appearance and excellent durability. Our 4-seater bike also features a 4mm thick reinforced steel frame, which perfectly guarantees its high capacity and durability. Motike bikes come with electric assist that can smooth out hills with ease. Long distance travel becomes a breeze. The display tracks your battery level, distance traveled, and speed. Our standard electric assist bikes come with a powerful 60v 1500 watt motor and 60v 32ah lead acid battery. The cruising range exceeds 80 kilometers. Motrike 4 seat bicycles accommodate more people, giving your family a special way to enjoy quality family time, instill healthy exercise habits in your children, improve mood, and more.

Product Description

Technical Data
Overall width
105 cm
Reinforced steel
Overall height
185 cm
Powder coat
Overall length
180 cm
Front 2.25×16 inch,

Rear 2.5×18 inch
Track width
59.5 cm front 

78.5 cm rear
Wheel base
130 cm
Dual rear drum brakes
28 cm
Faux leather
Seat height
 78.5 cm
Rack and pinion steering
Seat width
104.5 cm
Stainless steel features
Fenders, bumpers, uprights, and brake lever
Seat depth
34.5 cm
Aluminum alloy
Turning circle
3.1 m
Aluminum alloy
Wheel size
16″ front / 18″ rear
Waterproof canvas
Max. load
250 kg
Safety features
Child seat with safety strap

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?
We are Zhengzhou Motrike Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of three-wheelers and four-wheelers in China. Motike has been specializing in specialty three-wheelers and four-wheelers since 2003. We are committed to manufacturing and supplying quality products and continually strive to provide the ultimate cycling experience. As an innovation leader in the global green transportation industry, we are committed to extending the fun and benefits of cutting-edge bicycles to all parts of the world. We now offer the most comprehensive range of bicycle products with up to 15 series and 40 models. Motrike will continue to provide customers with comprehensive and interactive services through efficient and humane resource integration and cooperation.

2. How to transport bicycles?
About 50% of the bikes are shipped by sea assembled in cartons with iron brackets.

3. What are your warranty terms?
We offer a five-year warranty on our bike frames.

4. Do you accept small orders?
Yes. We are willing to sell to retailers and individuals. We will provide the same services as wholesalers.

5. Can you supply spare parts in the future?
certainly. We have been working hard in this area. You can find us anytime.

6. What colors are available?
Our available colors are red, orange, blue and green. We can also provide custom colors for bulk orders.


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