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Zhentai has more effective methods for chamfering, deburring and polishing of all kinds of products. And to provide a complete design, development, production, consulting, sales, installation and commissioning, parts supply and technical training and other comprehensive services.

About Zhentai

ZhentaiZhentai specializes in the production of three-dimensional vibration grinding machine, vibration polishing machine, spiral vibration grinding machine, vibration polishing machine, high-speed centrifugal grinding machine, wood roller grinding machine, tumbling barrel finishing machine, water flow finishing machine, vortex machine, dehydration drying machine, vibration screening machine, vibration light machine, tumbling machine, magnetic grinding machine, magnetic polishing machine, as well as wrapped PU rubber, wrapped rubber. Plastic grinding stone, brown corundum grinding stone, white corundum grinding stone, ceramic polishing stone, white high alumina porcelain polishing stone, green high alumina porcelain polishing stone, high frequency porcelain polishing stone, steel balls, steel beads, walnut grains, corn cob, bamboo chips, etc. Polishing solution, luster agent, grinding solution, bright agent, cleaning agent, rust inhibitor, polishing oil, tumbling oil, polishing powder, tea seed powder, etc.

The products of Zhentai are mainly used for: stainless steel, iron parts, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper parts, magnesium alloy, tungsten steel, wood products, acrylic, plastic resin, silicone, gemstones and other products to deburr, deburring, remove oxidation skin, remove the mold line, grinding, bright, polishing and other processing.

Dongguan Zhentai Abrasive Material Co., Ltd. insists on the business purpose of “credit, quality, truthfulness and innovation”, and insists on the goal of satisfying customers’ needs and taking customers’ suggestions and opinions as the spur to solve various problems encountered by customers in the grinding process at any time.

Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us for guidance, visit and business negotiation. Sincerely hope to provide the best quality and service for your company Dongguan Zhentai Abrasive Material Co.

Company Information

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Company: Dongguan Zhentai Grinding Materials Co., Ltd.
Main Products: vibrating polishing machine, rotating barrel polishing machine, eddy current grinder
City / State: Dongguan , Guangdong
Country: China

Contact Zhentai

Address: No. 50, Houde Wuhua Street Road, Daojiao Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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