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Wilkins Water Pressure Regulator

Mech Valve - wilkins water pressure regulatorProduct Name: Wilkins Water Pressure Regulator

Brand Name: Mech
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: SK720X
Connection: Ends Flange to BS EN 1092-2:1997
Working Pressure: PN10/PN16
Temperature Range: 0℃- 80℃

Mech SK720X wilkins water pressure regulator is a diaphragm type of hydraulic control valve driven by the hydraulic pressure within the piping system. The function of the valve is to reduce the high pressure to a pre-set low pressure, and no matter how the medium flow or pressure before the valve fluctuates, the pressure after the valve is always stable and within the set pressure range.


Pressure Symbol Unit Nominal Pressure
      PN10 PN16 PN25
Max. Inlet pressure P1max MPa 1.0 1.6 2.5
Min. Inlet pressure P1min   P2max + 0.2
Max. Outlet pressure P2max   0.8 1.0 1.6
Min. Outlet pressure P2min   0.05
Characteristics of flow deviation ΔP2Q   ≤10%
Pressure characteristic deviation ΔP2p   ≤5%
Min. pressure deviation ΔPmin   0.2

Operational principle

SK720X Pressure Reducing Valve is controlled by pressure reducing pilot valve and equipped with pressure reducing pilot valve, needle valve, mini strainer and ball valve, etc.
Under normal conditions, water flow comes continuously from the inlet opening to the upper cavity room.

of the basic valve through the needle valve (1); When the pressure before the pilot valve (3) is lower than its pre-set value, the pilot valve will remain at full open position and the upper cavity room of the basic valve is not able to get accumulating pressure. Under this condition, the disc of the basic valve will be open at the water pressure from the inlet opening to allow water flow. The pressure reducing pilot valve closes gradually when the pressure after pilot valve exceeds its pre-set value. Pressure gets accumulated within the upper cavity room and membrane drives the disc down to close the valve till the pressure after the pilot valve gradually reduces to its pre-set value. The pilot valve opens again when the pressure after the valve becomes lower than the pre-set value, and the basic valve will then open with the release of the accumulated pressure in the upper cavity room.

The throttle orifice (5) that connects the lower cavity to the outlet serves to keep the reaction of the valve gentle and stable. The ball valve (4) controls the outlet water flow rate from the upper cavity room and thus to stabilize the action of the basic valve. The ball valve can be adjusted with different working conditions. In case of emergency, the ball valve can also be closed manually for cutting off of the basic valve.

Property and advantages

• Driven by pressure of pipe system, work automatically with energy of pipe system to achieve energy conservation and environment protection.

• Controlled by the pilot valve, lower energy consumption, achieve accurate pressure reducing results, have function of stabilizing pressure after the valve.

• Dual cavity design, with functions of fully opening and fully closing. Slow shut causes no pressure fluctuation, and the diaphragm with support is well protected.

• Have internal orifice, connect bottom cavity and outlet of the basic valve, make sure stability of reaction to keep stability of pressure after the valve, avoid any vibration and noise.

• Channel with straight-flow, slight friction loss, no eddy flow and turbulent flow, cut down the damage of cavitation.

• Long pitch orientation design for stem move, stable and no gap resistance.

• Balanced automatically, big gap design on connection of disc and stem, disc is free on the vertical flat against stem, it can balance the tolerance from machining and sealing surface. Good connection without leakage. Achieve functions of both reducing dynamic pressure and reducing static pressure.

• Ductile iron castings with nodularity higher than 90%, foundry in house with advanced melting technology and strict quality control system, testing reports and testing bars can be supplied with order. Records and testing bars maintained for one year in the factory.

• Good corrosion resistance, with stainless steel, copper alloy, rubber made from DuPont and other rust- resisting material, fusion bonded epoxy coating both for interior and exterior surface of the basic valve. All the characteristics in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C550 and other international specifications like WRAS, NSF61.

Notes for installation and debugging

• All pressure reducing valves have completed preliminary commissioning tests before leaving the factory. It is also recommended to conduct further debugging tests according to different working conditions during use. After the piping system is stabilized, loosen the adjusting screw at the top of the pilot valve to the highest position.

• After the piping system has stabilized, loosen the adjusting screw on top of the pilot valve to the highest position.

• Slowly tighten the pilot valve adjustment screw clockwise. When the outlet pressure increases to the set pressure, tighten the lock nut under the adjusting screw.

• If the set pressure is exceeded during adjustment, repeat the above steps. Remember, the pressure can only be adjusted from low to high, and be careful to adjust slowly.

Company Features

Shenzhen Mech Valve Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional pressure regulator manufacturers in China, has a professional team of experienced wilkins water pressure regulator production and processing engineers and designers.


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