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What is Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine?

Vertical Form Fill Seal MachineVertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machine Mainly used for food packaging, Packaged with an automation machine greatly helps to improve the productivity in packaging operation, such as Vertical Form Fill Sealing (VFFS) packaging machine. VFFS machine is one of the main food packaging machines in the current market. Having the functions of forming, filling and sealing all on one machine, VFFS machine is best for snacks that are loose, doughy, granulated food like potato chips, biscuits, cereal, flour, etc. Its full automation enables that not only workers don’t have to package the snacks manually, which also ensures the snack sanitary, but also companies can cut huge in labor cost over a short time. For manufacturing applications, especially in the snacks packaging industry, VFFS machine wins much advocacy in the market.

The Benefits of VFFS Packaging Machine

Following the trends, VFFS is one of the most popular snacks packaging trends on the market. VFFS is warmly sought after customers mainly due to its versatility on packaging different snacks, muti-type packaging bags, and its automatic feeding and weighing system.

1. VFFS machine offers reliable, hygienic, efficient packaging solutions for liquid, granule, flour, and power. It supports tool-free changeovers and onboard storage for hundreds of product recipes. Actually, VFFS machine is designed for forming, filling and sealing snack foods, and it is able to flexibly adjust to its packing capacity based on different type of snacks, so as to reduce the loss of food materials and increase productivity.

2. Due to different product blends, weights, and bag types and sizes, bags changeover and adjustments should be made between runs. There are several different snacks packaging bags that a VFFS packaging machine can process. For example, biscuits are prone to friableness and moisture adsorption. Therefore, the packaging bags should be pressure-proof and moisture-proof to prevent the biscuits from deterioration. Another example, fresh food requires to maintain its freshness, hence, its packaging bags should allow transmittance of water vapor, O2, and CO2. Chips are often packed in brightly colored and pillow-shaped bags. In all, VFFS packaging machine is able to cater to every snack bags and versatility without the inconvenience of changing bags sizes and formats.

3. Instead of filling by the workers, VFFS packaging machine adopts a vibration loading system. For example, when packaging potato chips, by an automatic vibrating loading device, the potato chips are transferred to the next packaging step without any human intervention, thus, in this way, the productivity has greatly increased and labor cost has cut.

In addition, being able to fill the machine with adequate yet not wasted snacks materials, VFFS features high accuracy packaging with the minimum waste of snacks materials. And it is obvious that it’s hard to weigh some snacks such as potato chips, cereal, and nuts, and it is troublesome to weigh such lightweight things. While VFFS packaging machine, with its high-precision auto-weighing device, accurate weighing and minimum waste of material can be achieved. Without human weighing every single piece of snack, the automatic weighing is more precise and time-saving. Obviously, VFFS helps workers free of many trivial matters and helps companies save much labor cost.

Where to get a good VFFS packaging machine?

With so many packaging machines manufacturers in the market, and under the fierce competition among packaging machines industry, where purchasers can get a good and qualified packaging machine for packing snacks? Purchasers should cautious when seeking a trustworthy VFFS manufacturer. Nowadays, there are many famous packaging machines in markets such as IRTA, Vtops, Samfull, etc.

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