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Top 10 T-shirt Manufacturers In China

t-shirt manufacturerT-shirt is a garment usually made of cotton or a blend of cotton and other materials. It is available in a variety of colours, patterns, neckline styles and designs to suit different occasions and personal styles. T-shirts are versatile and widely used for various purposes, including everyday casual wear, promotional merchandise, team uniforms, event memorabilia, and as a canvas for personal expression through custom designs and prints.

T-shirts are very popular all over the world. They are easy to wear, comfortable and can be worn in any season. When choosing a T-shirt manufacturer, it’s essential to consider factors such as quality, fabric options, pricing, ethical practices, and customization capabilities based on your specific requirements. More than 60% of the world’s T-shirt production is carried out in China, making Chinese T-shirt manufacturers the best choice for buying T-shirts.

Looking for high-quality T-shirt at competitive prices? Look no further than China T shirt manufacturerss. Leveraging their vast industry experience and expertise, these China shirt manufacturers are known for producing top-notch T-shirts that combine style, comfort and durability. From classic designs to trendy prints, Chinese t-shirt manufacturers offer a variety of options to suit every taste and preference. Their state-of-the-art facilities and skilled workforce ensure that every garment is carefully crafted to meet the highest quality standards. Whether you want to stock store shelves or create custom merchandise for your brand, Chinese t-shirt manufacturers can provide you with exceptional products and services. Choose excellence, choose Chinese T-shirt manufacturer. There are many advantages in choosing Chinese T-shirt manufacturers.

When looking for the best t-shirt supplier in China, there are several factors to consider. One of the key aspects is quality. The best t-shirt suppliers in China offer high-quality materials and workmanship to ensure their products are durable. Additionally, these suppliers often have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, catering to different tastes and preferences. Another important factor is pricing. The best t-shirt suppliers in China will provide competitive prices without compromising on quality. This ensures customers get value for money while getting a top-notch product. Additionally, reliable customer service is crucial when dealing with overseas suppliers. The best t-shirt suppliers in China prioritize communication and responsiveness, allowing customers to easily resolve any concerns or issues that may arise during the ordering process. Overall, choosing the best t-shirt supplier in China can make all the difference when it comes to creating high-quality clothing for your business or personal use. In the list below, we enumerate the top 10 T-shirt manufacturers in China.

Best T-Shirt Suppliers In China

1. Sichuan Eco Garments Co., Ltd.

Eco Garment Manufacturer In ChinaFounded in 2009, Eco Garment is a professional eco-friendly garment manufacturer in China, specializes in organic and natural fiber apparel. Our major products include tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, sweatpants, yoga wear, and kids’ apparel.

With more than 10 years of experience in eco-friendly textiles, we have established a stable organic fabric supply chain and become an environmentally sustainable enterprise. As a professional eco-friendly clothing manufacturer, Eco Garment has a strong R&D team, which can provide customers with one-stop service. We accept OEM and ODM orders, design and develop new products according to buyers’ specific requirements. Eco Garments look forward to establishing cooperative relations with friends around the world.

Main Products: T-Shirt, Womens Dress, Womens Tracking Suits, Socks

Advantages: Eco Garment is a professional China garment manufacturer, ocuses on eco friendly apparel fabric, with 10 years of experience in OEM & ODM.

2. Guangzhou WDL Clothing Co., Ltd.

WDL clothing manufacturerWDL Clothing is a leading clothing manufacturer in China with 10 years of garment manufacturing experience and millions of stocks. Now we cooperate with the modern Internet to provide free design, fast delivery and other services.

As a top ready made garment manufacturer in China, each product of WDL Clothing has a variety of colors and sizes for customers to choose from. Regardless of height and size, they can easily find clothes that fit fat and thin. After years of hard work, it now has a series of independent professional supporting facilities such as clothing design, printing workshop, embroidery workshop and warehouse, providing customers with one-stop production services such as design, printing, embroidery and garment making.

Main Products: T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Hoodies, Coats

Advantages: Since its establishment in 2007, WDL clothing manufacturer has won unanimous recognition from customers and peers with its unique design, novel style, stable quality, fast delivery and excellent quality.

3. Nanchang Byval Garment Co., Ltd.

Byval Garment - China t shirt manufacturerFounded in 2005, Byval Garment is a professional custom clothing manufacturer engaged in the R&D, production, sales and service of T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, vests, sportswear and children’s wear. There are more than 300 workers in our factory, and our production capacity is 200,000 pcs polo shirts and 300,000 pcs T-shirts per month.

Byval Garment manufacture and supply high quality garments and fabrics to apparel brands, retailers, fashion designers, events, corporations and institutions. One garment type we persistently made over the years are custom t-shirts. Whether you need a running tee, and cotton t-shirt or a polo shirt, we got you covered.

As a leading custom clothing manufacturer in China, Byval Garment factory has a variety of printing processes and provides OEM & ODM services to customers. We provide fully bespoke and personalized textile solutions from the initial design concept to the finished garment. Welcome to inquire about wholesale custom clothing light price, we are the best choice of clothing manufacturer.

Main Products: T-Shirt,Hoodies,Polo,Pants,Jacket

Advantages: Byval Garment is certified by SGS and ALIBABA verified.

4. Jiangxi Xiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xiyuan - Top t-shirt manufacturers in ChinaEstablished in 2006, Xiyuan is a professional apparel manufacturer in China with more than 16 years of experience in the clothing industry. We are specialized in series of knitted products, such as hoodies, t shirt, polo, tracksuits, sportswear and even more, also partial of tatting craft and the yoga leggings. We have made clothing for many famous brands such as CLIQUE, Walmart, Costco, Disney and many more.

Our company provides a variety of products to meet your various needs. Since the establishment of the company, we have adhered to the business principle of “quality first, customer first, reputation-based”, and always try our best to meet the potential needs of customers.

Main Products: T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tracksuit, Yoga/Fitness

Advantages: As a best clothing manufacturers in China, Xiyuan factory has been certified by BSCI, ISO9001, SEDEX. All front-line employees have no less than 3 years of working experience in garment factories, and can adapt to operating various processes and sewing machines.

5. Nanchang Wise Works Knitting CO.,Ltd.

Wise Works Knitting - China shirt manufacturersWise Works Knitting is a professional apparel manufacturer for over 15 years export experience. Most of our products are used for sports, casual and leisure wear. Over the years, Wise Works Knitting company has achieved rapid development with strong technical strength, high-quality and mature products, and perfect service system. The main export markets are Australia, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, Japan, South Africa.

As a professional garment manufacturer, our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 5 production lines and more than 300 skilled workers. We also provide ODM&OEM service for customers. More than 100 new styles are launched every year, and we have maintained long-term good cooperative relations with many well-known brands.

Main Products: T-shirt, Hoodies, Pants, Tracksuit

Advantages: We have strict quality inspection system and quality assurance such as ITS/SGS test as third party inspection.

6. Jiangxi Greenland Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Greenland Clothes - custom T-shirt manufacturers in ChinaGreenland Clothes is a professional clothing manufacturer in China specializing in the production of various clothinggarments for more than 10 years. We have a great sales team, design department, pattern-making office, production team, inspection team to efficiently confirm all work and produce garments in your required size. We are one of the best T-shirt manufacturers in China.

As a leading clothing manufacturer, Greenland Clothes specialized in shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, pants, dresses, babywear, sporting items, socks, hats and all kinds of accessories. Although we produce a wide variety of clothing, T-shirts are our best product. Greenland garment manufacturer covers an export capacity of 30,0000 PCS per year, serving overseas customers from different countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Slovakia, etc.

Main Products: T-shirts, Hoodies, Sportswear, Kids Wear, Baby Wear, Loungewear

Advantages: Greenland Clothes is an OEM and ODM clothing manufacturer specialized in custom t-shirts production for more than 10 years.

7. Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co., Ltd.

Raidy Boer - t shirt manufacturers in ChinaFounded in 1999, Raidy Boer is a leading apparel manufacturer in China, focusing on the field of men’s wear, providing comprehensive services such as ODM, OEM, and branded products for international brands and wholesalers. Raidy Boer is a clothing supplier with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, providing customers with products at competitive factory prices.

As a professional clothing supplier, Raidy Boer has its own design team and professional QC system. We also provide custom clothing services for customers, you can customize your own printing, embroidery, label and logo. If you are looking for a custom T-shirt supplier, Raidy Boer Clothing is your best choice, as one of the best T-shirt manufacturers in China. Our T-shirt factory is one of the largest professional manufacturers of mercerized cotton T-shirts in China, every year we will develop 10000 new samples and produce 5 million pieces of products for different brands around the world.

Main Products: T-shirt, Polo Shirts, Half Zipper Sweatshirt

Advantages: After a journey of 12 years development, Raidy Boer Clothing has become a multi-brand international fashion apparel manufacturer with a three-dimensional operation model integrated with resources of international brand, designing, operation management, supply chain and marketing.

8. Xiangshan Zheyu Clothing Co., Ltd.

Zheyu Clothing - Chinese T-shirt manufacturersZheyu Clothing is a professional clothing company integrating design, production, marketing, processing and service. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of clothing manufacturing. Our products are T-shirts, golf polos, tank tops, sportswear, kids wear, women’s wear, hoodies and more.

We have produced more than 2 million shirts in a year; we have customers from American countries, European countries, Australia, Japan and other countries. As a professional Chinese t shirt manufacturers, Zheyu Clothing factory can customize shirts according to the requirements of different material, size, weight, Pantone color, and logo. We also provide OEM & ODM service for customers.

Main Products: T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Hoodie & Sweatshirts

Advantages: Established in 2017, Zheyu Clothing has 2 factories with a monthly production capacity of more than 150,000 pieces.

9. Guangzhou Yinze Fashion Company Ltd.

Yinze Fashion - China t-shirt manufacturerYinze Fashion is a professional clothing company integrating R&D,design, production, located in Guangzhou city of China. Yinze fashion was founded in 2011, and its products mainly focus on casual clothing with the theme of “health and comfort”. Yinze fashion now has a core R&D team of more than 20 people, 4 automatic productionlines and more than 20 sets of automatic equipment,with a total of more than 160 peopleand our monthly output is more than 60,000 pieces.

As a clothing supplier for traditional chain brands, Yinze Fashion has accumulated a lot of experience in the past 10 years, upgraded our technology, and equipped with complete machine equipment. We have a technical team with rich experience in clothing production, which can make a reasonable realization plan for your design. If you are looking for T-shirt suppliers, Yinze Fashion is your best choice, it is one of the best custom T-shirt manufacturers in China.

Main Products: Formal Shirt, Corduroy Shirt, Plaid Shirt, Fishing Shirt, Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Pants

Advantages: Yinze Fashion is a China t-shirt manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, we are all committed to producing middle and high-end T-shirts.

10. Nanchang Hongfun Industrial Co.,Ltd

Hongfun - China T-shirts supplierHongfun is a professional China T-shirts supplier, focusing on designing and producing all kinds of high-quality T-shirts, and providing customized T-shirt services for customers.

Our factory is located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, as the production base for knitting clothing in China. As a professional garment manufacturer in China, Hongfun has nearly 8 years of production experience in the field of T-shirt manufacturing. Our garment factory currently employs more than 100 people and covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters.

As a experienced T-shirts factory, Hongfun attached great importance on products quality. We have our own QC team to check every process of production, every t-shirt will be inspected before packing. Our products have great price advantages and good quality. We can be your reliable t-shirts supplier in China, we’ll do our best to offer best service and price, Welcome inquiry!

Main Products: T-Shirts

Advantages: As a professional custom T-shirt manufacturer in China, Hongfun can customize products according to various requirements of customers, such as printing style, size, logo, image size and so on.


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