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Top 10 Packaging Manufacturers In China

packaging manufacturersBroadly speaking, packaging is one or more materials to protect both the product itself and the environment from negative mutual interference and loss, and to facilitate the storage, handling and sale of a particular product. An integral part of packaging is the container in which less volumetric products are usually placed. There are many kinds: boxes, sacks, crates, cans and others. Every customer knows what packaging is for. The main thing is that it is convenient and safe to carry or transport products. Its second purpose is to protect yourself from UV rays, moisture, and other aggressive factors. Third, to present the goods in a favourable light.

China has an incredibly wide range of packaging manufacturers offering all kinds of packaging solutions for products. China is also a major supplier of food packaging, accounting for about 60% of the packaging industry’s total output. Some of the world’s leading packaging companies are based in China. Over the past 20 years, China has strengthened its position as the “world’s factory”.

If you are not familiar with the list of suppliers and manufacturers of packaging and containers for different types of goods, in this article, we recommend the top 10 packaging manufacturers in China. If you want to buy or source, you can choose here.

Best Packaging Manufacturers In China

1. Shanghai Yingmei Printing Technology Co., Ltd.

Yingmei Packaging Box Manufacturer in China

Yingmei Packaging is a professional custom packaging box manufacturer in China and the first choice for custom gift box packaging for the world’s leading brands. We use craftsmanship to create packaging pieces that highlight our clients’ personalized brand stories. Our Shanghai factory covers an area of 18,000 square meters and employs approximately 350 skilled workers and technicians.

Our annual output value exceeds USD 40 million. We have internationally leading printing equipment and standardized production lines, specializing in packaging design, printing and post-press processing. With many Asian design experts, we are a custom gift box manufacturer providing luxury packaging and gift boxes to over 100 customers worldwide. Yingmei Packaging is a comprehensive creative packaging company integrating “brand strategy, creative design, technology research and development, and production services”.

Main Products: Packaging Box, Gift Box, Packaging bag

Advantages: As China’s leading custom packaging box manufacturer and gift box supplier, Yingmei Packaging is committed to becoming the first choice for customized outer packaging for the world’s top brands, providing personalized brand stories and professional packaging design, printing and processing services.

2. Yantai Bagmart Packaging Co., Ltd

Bagmart Packaging Co., Ltd LogoBagmart Packaging is a renowned producer of flexible plastic packaging, specializing in providing flexible packaging solutions for various food, industrial, medical, and other companies both domestically and internationally. The company mainly produces zip-lock bags, sliding bags, flat bags, square-bottomed bags, and composite bags made of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and other materials. In the meantime, to meet the growing demand for the brand, we have expanded our product line and invested in potential industries such as silicon production and pressure casting. As one of the professional packaging manufacturers, Bagmart Packaging currently employs more than 1,000 people, covers an area of 88 acres, and produces 2,000 tons per month. Our products are exported to more than 50 countries, such as the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. During the development process, the company always pays attention to product quality and safety. All processes from raw material procurement to production are controlled in accordance with international standards to ensure that our products comply with relevant product safety standards such as FDA, REACH, and RoHS in developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Main Products: Packaging Bags and Cases, Paper Bags and Boxes, Silicone Products, Disposable Gloves

Advantages: As one of the leading packaging manufacturers, Bagmart has taken the lead in implementing and passing the certification of the HACCP food safety system, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, 6S management system and GMP enterprise management system verified by the American Baking Association.

3. Dongguan Fuliter Paper Products Co., Ltd

Fuliter Paper Products Co., Ltd LogoFounded in 1999, Fuliter is one of the most competitive and excellent direct manufacturers of custom packaging boxes in China. With more than 1000 employees and 50 designers, we provide a unified service from design and production to delivery. We specialize in a wide range of stationery and printing products, such as packaging boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, shopping bags, greeting cards, file folders, notebooks, labels and stickers, organizers, portfolios, and more. As one of the professional packaging manufacturers, we have the most advanced printing equipment and printing technologies to provide you with the best packaging solutions. Our equipment now includes Heidelberg and ROLAND machines, four-color offset printing machines, six-color full-rotation printing machines, screen printing machines, automatic die-cutting machines, automatic gluing machines, automatic folding machines, and self-adhesive and color box assembly equipment. Thanks to competitive prices and satisfactory service, our products have earned a very good reputation among domestic and foreign customers.

Main Products: Gift Box, Beauty Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Cigarette Box, Cigarette Series

Advantages: As one of the leading packaging manufacturers, Fuliter has a complete quality management system and environmentally friendly operations. They have obtained CE and RoHS certifications, SGS reports, and material supplier certification from FSC.

4. Suzhou Winstar International Trade Co., Ltd

Winstar International Trade Co., Ltd LogoWinstar is a company specializing in the production and sale of various packaging and food packaging products, as well as the leading packaging manufacturer and trading company in the industry. The company aims to provide high quality comprehensive packaging products for retail sellers, as well as small and medium wholesalers. Our products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia through local small and medium-sized distributors. Our main products are plastic bags for food contact, plastic shopping bags, non-woven shopping bags, non-woven clothing bags, paper shopping bags, etc. We specialize in a full range of carrier products for catering companies, grocery stores, and retail trade.

Main Products: Plastic Bag, Nonwoven Bag, Food Packaging, Paper Bag, Plastic Shopper

Advantages: Winstar has a complete quality control system and extensive experience in mastering and controlling every step of production. All products meet European and American standards and have been certified by several major testing institutions, such as SGS.

5. Shenzhen Pack Packaging Product Co., Ltd

Pack Packaging Product Co., Ltd LogoPack Packaging was founded in 2009 and has been mainly engaged in paper packaging one-stop service from design, R&D, production to service. Covering an area of 3500 square meters, it is one of the largest paper tube packaging manufacturers in China. Our main products are high quality paper tubes, cardboard boxes, paper packaging containers for skin care products. We have rich experience in cosmetics, perfume industry, food such as tea and coffee, flower boxes, etc. The factory has SGS, FSC certificates. etc. We focus on customer development in both quality control and service, and provide high-efficiency and low-cost manufacturing solutions with short lead times, more competitive costs, and reliable deliveries to meet customers’ demanding needs. Served as VVIP regardless of customer size/order quantity.

Main Products: Paper Boxes, Paper Tube, Paper Bags Packaging, Sticker

Advantages: The packaging is equipped with a product laboratory with instruments for testing at high/low temperatures, wear testers, two-stroke testers, torque meters, and other professional instruments to ensure the accuracy of the quality of the products supplied to customers. At the same time, it also adheres to the concept of environmental protection by using paper materials that are recyclable and conform to FSC certification standards. The inks used are pure vegetable soy inks, which do not contain VOCs and reduce air pollution.

6. Xiamen XieFa Vacuum Forming Packing Co., Ltd

XieFa Vacuum Forming Packing Co., Ltd LogoXiamen XieFa Vacuum Forming Packaging Co., Ltd. is based in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, with a specialization in the production of top-quality vacuum-formed packaging through design and development. We have established a comprehensive quality management system, and we are proud to have developed seamless processing technology for a range of materials, including PVC, PET, PETG, PP, PS, OPS, PLA, GAG, HA, etc., giving us the edge in product quality and production speed within the domestic plastic packaging industry. As a leading packaging manufacturer in China, our versatile products find application in industries such as kitchenware, food, cosmetics, electronics, optoelectronics, gifts, toys, bathrooms, hardware accessories, and beyond. We are a trusted supplier to globally renowned companies, priding ourselves on our long-standing integrity, company strength, and the quality of our offerings, which has earned customers trust and loyalty over the years.

Main Products: Blister Packaging Boxes

Advantages: We have obtained ISO9001, BSCI, BRC, QS9000, and other quality management certificates. Our management system allows us to ensure strict quality control throughout the production process, from raw materials to finished products.

7. WH Packaging Co., Ltd

WH Packaging Co., Ltd LogoWH is a well-known manufacturer of customized plastic mail packaging based in China. In 2010, we established our factory in Huizhou with the goal of providing comprehensive solutions to our valued customers, including courier companies, e-commerce retailers, and wholesale distributors. We offer an array of options, such as solid-coloured envelopes, printed mailers, and recycled PE packaging, that meet a variety of requirements. As a professional plastic packaging manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, we cooperate with reliable partners who supply us with top-quality materials at cost-effective prices. Our commitment to continuous advancement and flexibility remains steadfast, while we uphold our core values and mission to expand equal opportunities for businesses to access premium packaging solutions, products and services.

Main Products: Poly Mailer Packagings

Advantages: We specialize in OEM and ODM. Offer drawing in one day. 10 Years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control.

8. Qingdao Xintongda Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Xintongda Plastic Products Co., Ltd LogoXintongda is a prominent national brand with a rich history spanning almost 30 years. It stands as one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in China. The company boasts an array of well-equipped workshops, including a film blowing workshop, printing workshop, and bag making workshop, all of which are equipped with exceptional machinery. In addition to its advanced equipment, Xintongda benefits from its prime location in Qingdao, a major city along the Northern Maritime Silk Road. This advantageous location ensures the rapid transportation of products by sea, land and air, enabling the company to quickly deliver its products to both domestic and international customers. Therefore, in cases of urgent need for plastic packaging, Xintongda can be relied on as the ideal choice. In addition, Xintongda’s workshops boast a highly advanced, fully enclosed, dust-free, and environmentally friendly hygiene environment, adhering to food packaging production standards. The workshops have also obtained certifications from IS09000, QS, FDA, and BRC, attesting to the company’s commitment to quality. Therefore, Xintongda’s products enjoy a high reputation in the industry, and customers at home and abroad have unanimously praised the company’s offerings.

Main Products: Flexible Packaging, Mylar Bags, Ziplock Bags, Food Packaging Bag, Biodegradable Bag, Paper Bags

Advantages: OEM and ODM options available. Our team includes expert designers and skilled workers. Quick turnaround time with low minimum order quantity. Over 24 years of manufacturing and export experience.

9. Dongguan Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd

Brothersbox Industrial Co., Ltd LogoBrothersbox was established in 1997 as a reputable gift box packaging manufacturer. We have been producing top-notch paper gift boxes for over 25 years. Our team consists of dynamic, creative and highly skilled professionals, including 40 skilled sales representatives, 15 experts in research and development, and 225 well-trained employees. Over the years, we have been offering our customers exceptional OEM and ODM services for gift boxes. Our extensive experience and expertise in the printing industry makes us the ideal partner for any project. Our design team, together with a team of dedicated artists, has the ability to create custom paper products, including unusual shapes. At Brothersbox, we always aim for the highest quality possible and are committed to providing a touch of excellence in every aspect of our work.

Main Products: Gift Box Packaging, Paper Bag, Stationery Items, Jigsaw Puzzle

Advantages: We have obtained cutting-edge Heidelberg printers, Komori S40 printers, Roland printers, and other state-of-the-art equipment for pre- and post-print processing. With a team of more than 280 skilled workers, we guarantee flawless quality and quantity every time.

10. Dongguan Xingkaihua Printing Packaging Co., Ltd

Xingkaihua Printing Packaging Co., Ltd LogoXingkaihua Printing, located in Dongguan City, is an honest and professional printing and packaging company with more than 13 years of experience. The company mainly produces custom printed fabric packaging for clothing, footwear, bags, wine and food packaging, gift packaging, stickers, etc. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with each client through a professional sales team. With advanced production equipment, we can print from 1 to 6 colors and achieve a printing width of up to 1.6 meters. Our inventory of paper materials is sufficient and the specifications are met. We adhere to the development policy of “high quality, high efficiency, integrity and practicality” to provide you with quality processing services!

Main Products: Tissue Paper Printing, Wax Paper Printing, Garment Wrapping Paper, Gift Packaging Paper, Shoe Wrapping Paper

Advantages: As one of the leading packaging manufacturers in China, we offer quick solutions to OEM design, low minimum order, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service! Our products are TUV certified.


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