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Top 10 Blackboard Manufacturers In China

blackboard manufacturersThe blackboard is the primary aid of the teacher, and for children it is the primary means of demonstrating educational materials. They have been so successful that they continue to be used in educational institutions today. Modern versions of the blackboard allow not only marking with colored pens, but also attaching materials with magnets and projecting any information for demonstration.

These blackboards come in wood, glass, or metal with a dark, matte enamel coating, typically black, dark green, or brown. High-quality blackboards are coated with rough porcelain, which is highly resistant to abrasions, allowing them to withstand intensive use for 10-20 years.

When it comes to blackboard manufacturers, China has quite a lot of experience and can be said to be the leader in the industry. In China, from kindergarten to university, blackboards are a must-have item on campus, which also gives impetus to the development of Chinese blackboard manufacturers.

If you are looking for a blackboard supplier, China is a great option for you. Look for high-end manufacturers, and you ‘ll find some pleasant surprises. This article will take you through the top 10 blackboard manufacturers in China. Keep reading to find the product that appeals to you the most.

Best Blackboard Manufacturers In China

1. Shenzhen U&u Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd

U&u Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd LogoShenzhen U&u Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is involved in the research, development and production of high-quality soft magnetic whiteboards, greenboards, blackboards, magnetic stationery, magnetic children’s products, magnetic gifts, and magnetic promotional decoration materials. Our products find wide applications in home wall decoration and cultural advertising for schools, enterprises, institutions, and other similar markets. We also export our products to global markets such as the United States, Europe, and Australia. With our strong technical force, advanced equipment, perfect production and management processes, and environmentally friendly raw materials, we can ensure first-class quality. As a premium blackboard manufacturer, our products have already passed ISO9001 and RoHS certifications while also complying with global environmental standards. We also hold independent intellectual property rights and patents for many of our products. While already enjoying a good reputation in the industry, we continue to receive unanimous praise from our countless overseas customers. We remain committed to improving every step of our process to meet the increasingly personalized life and work needs of more businesses, schools, and families alike. We strive to establish ourselves as a well known brand in the field of magnetically creative products. Finally, we aim to provide all our customers with a comprehensive one-stop solution for all their auxiliary product requirements.

Main Products: Magnetic Soft Whiteboard, Magnetic Planner Calendar, Magnetic Photo Frame, Magnetic, Blackboard

Advantages: Our company boasts highly skilled staff and uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure superior product quality. In addition, we have a dedicated and expert R&D team. Our unwavering commitment is extended to our valued customers, shareholders, and team members.

2. Shenzhen Fangcheng Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd

Fangcheng Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd LogoEstablished in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Fangcheng Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of multimedia educational equipment. With a strong R&D team and multiple production lines, we hold several hardware patents and software copyrights. Our main products include LED writing smart blackboards, LED interactive touch screens, universal multimedia whiteboards, interactive electronic whiteboards, multimedia universal machines, interactive terminals, ultra short throw projectors, and more. Our intelligent solutions adapted to different customer needs are widely used in schools, universities, kindergartens, training centers, companies, and government agencies. As a high-end educational blackboard manufacturer, we have received various awards since our founding, including China Educational Brand and China’s Top Ten Most Influential Educational Brands. We have also obtained certifications such as CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions through distributors, agents, OEMs, and ODM partners, and have been unanimously recognized by users.

Main Products: Interactive Whiteboard, LED Interactive Touch Screen, Interactive Flat Panel, LED Recordable Smart Blackboard, Multimedia all-in-one PC, Interactive Terminal

Advantages: We are a leading supplier of intelligent educational products, with more than 14 years of OEM/ODM manufacturing experience. We have launched two world-leading products and hold four patented inventions. Our educational solutions are used by more than 70 million classrooms and users worldwide, and we hold more than 20 appearance patents, plus more than 10 utility model patents and 10 software copyrights.

3. Heshan City Jinbowen Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

Jinbowen Industrial Technology Co., Ltd LogoHeshan City Jinbowen Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1993 in Foshan, a prominent industrial city in China, aims to lead the way as a manufacturer of various stationery. Our company has been committed to developing various stationery and office supplies, including magnetic whiteboards, magnetic blackboards, bulletin boards, wall-mounted card holders, easels, children’s whiteboards, display cabinets, and more. As a growing company, we provide top quality, competitive pricing, and the latest product information. With more than 20 years of development and expansion, we have established an export department to cater to a wider customer base. In addition to innovative new models and products, we also accept ODM and OEM orders. As an innovative stationery blackboard manufacturer in China, we are delighted to showcase our exceptional products and authentic service to customers all over the world!

Main Products: Magnetic Whiteboard, Magnetic Blackboard, Notice Board, Flip Chart, Whiteboard Esael, Magnetic Glass Board

Advantages: With more than 27 years of expertise in office stationery, we pride ourselves on our dedicated technical team who possess extensive industry knowledge. Our services include OEM and ODM customization, and our team of skilled professionals provide a comprehensive and seamless one-stop service.

4. Zhejiang Red Sun Education Facilities Co., Ltd

Red Sun Education Facilities Co., Ltd LogoZhejiang Red Sun Education Facilities Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Yongkang, China’s capital. Our company is a modern enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. With 200 staff members, a registered capital of 22.28 million yuan, a facility of 4,000 square meters, and annual export sales exceeding 8 million US dollars, we specialize in creating multimedia electronic whiteboards, blackboards, greenboards, writing boards, bulletin boards, and stationery. Our company has two decades of experience in research and development, manufacturing, and sales. As a respected blackboard manufacturer, our products are open to OEM and ODM services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Main Products: Stationery & Office Product, White Board, Green Board, Blackboard, Writing Board, Cartoon Board, Drawing Board

Advantages: Our top-notch products undergo multiple rigorous quality inspections to ensure their superior quality. Our dedicated after-sales team is made up of knowledgeable professionals who are available online 24/7 to answer any of your concerns. No need to worry about reaching out to us, as we are always here to help you with a warm and welcoming smile.

5. Guangdong Huashen Intelligent Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Huashen Intelligent Electronic Technology Co., Ltd LogoGuangdong Huashen Intelligent Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional blackboard manufacturer with 15 years of OEM experience. The company has its own factory and offers both “YCZX” and “YCHD” brands. The company is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale, and service of high-quality 32-98 inch touch screen billboards that are ideal for education and training, business meetings, business exhibitions, and lobby inquiries. They are built to be intuitive and interactive. At Huashen, we are committed to rigorous quality control and thoughtful customer service. Our experienced staff are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure total customer satisfaction. In addition, our products have obtained certifications such as 3C, ISO9001, CE, FCC, ROHS, and we have successfully sold them in all provinces and cities in the country while exporting them to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. We welcome OEM and ODM orders. Whether you are selecting an existing product from our catalogue or seeking engineering assistance for your application, our customer service center can always help you with your sourcing requirements. We are also constantly developing and innovating new products to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our commitment to high quality, reasonable prices, free solutions, and excellent customer service remains steadfast. We will always do our best to exceed your expectations. We welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory and talk to us directly!

Main Products: Interactive Panel All In One PC, Advertising Player, Nano Interactive Whiteboard, Blackboard

Advantages: We’ve got a fantastic team of designers ready to exceed your expectations. Our factory has been developing and producing interactive flat panels for more than 17 years, and we have FCC, ISO9001, RoHS, and CE certifications to guarantee exceptional quality. In addition, we provide comprehensive after-sales service to give you complete peace of mind.

6. Guangdong Everpretty Furniture Co., Ltd

Everpretty Furniture Co., Ltd LogoEverpretty Furniture was founded in 1994 and specializes in the development and production of commercial furniture, such as classroom furniture, medical furniture, and dormitory furniture. Everpretty has more than 79,000 square meters of production area with 6 advanced production lines, covering virtually all categories of commercial furniture including desks, chairs, blackboards, and more. Our experienced and professional teams in research and development, design, sales, production, and after-sales service can provide customized solutions for commercial furniture. We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, uninterrupted customer service, and creating value for customers. Our extensive experience in international trade has allowed us to develop a global professional management system, which in turn has enabled us to provide long-term professional and high-quality services. After 28 years of development, we have exported our products to 68 countries and served more than 50,000 customers. We can provide 100% customized solutions for school furniture, from project consultation, trading, planning, design, to samples, production, delivery, installation, and after-sales service.

Main Products: School Furniture, Office Furniture, Desks, Chairs, Blackboard

Advantages: As a professional furniture and blackboard manufacturer, we offer design projects, OEM and ODM, design for individual classrooms or entire schools, network planning, and 3D modeling. Our quality control system has been meeting international standards such as ISO, SGS, TUV, and BV for over 15 years.

7. Shandong Lanbeisite Educational Equipment Group

Lanbeisite Educational Equipment Group LogoLanbeisite was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Jinan, China. As a high-quality blackboard manufacturer, we have been producing them for over 17 years. We have the largest share of China’s education services market for more than 8 years and have become a model for high-quality products in the industry. At present, we have more than 400 employees, 28 provincial operation and maintenance centers, and our sales network covers 31 provinces in China and more than 10 countries and regions worldwide. As a leader in the global blackboard industry, we have obtained more than 100 world patents for blackboard products. We always see social responsibility as the foundation for growth and look forward to working with global partners to move forward and strive to create the industry’s most valuable, respected and socially responsible companies.

Main Products: Commercial Use LCD Writing Board, LCD Teaching Blackboard, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Cloud Version LCD Intelligent Blackboard

Advantages: As a professional blackboard manufacturer, all our products are produced using imported automated production lines, greatly enhancing production efficiency. We offer a full range of quality chalkboard products to choose from to meet your varied needs. We also accept OEM requests. Any issues are promptly resolved within 24 hours. We also provide local services in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, France, and Panama.

8. Jiangyin Zhongjia Stationery Development Co., Ltd

Zhongjia Stationery Development Co., Ltd LogoZhongjia Stationery Company was founded in 1989 and covers an area of 10,500 square meters, specializing in cultural, educational and office products. We are a professional company that integrates development, research, production and marketing. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we constantly strive to develop new products and improve product quality. Our main products include blackboards, whiteboards, greenboards, chalkboards, glass boards, notice boards, flipchart easels, advertising equipment, computer lifting desks, gaming tables and chairs, school desks and chairs, etc. At present, our products are widely exported to more than 40 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. At the same time, we actively participate in China Export Commodities Fair and Paperworld in Germany every year to expand our overseas markets. We have introduced advanced production equipment and automated production lines, and strictly follow the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system. Each batch of products undergoes multiple procedures and the quality is strictly controlled. Only high quality products are sold. We have an elite sales team and our products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Main Products: Blackboard, Whiteboard, Bulletin Board, Flip Chart Easel, School Desk And Chairs, Advertising Equipment

Advantages: We are a certified high-quality blackboard manufacturer with a large, independent production facility spanning more than 105,000 square meters. Our expertise lies in the field of cultural, educational and office supplies, as we have a professional team with extensive experience in product development. We constantly strive to innovate and introduce new products every year, while also providing tailor-made solutions for customized product designs, based on your unique requirements.

9. Guangzhou Flyfashion Furniture Co., Ltd

Flyfashion Furniture Co., Ltd LogoFlyfashion is a professional furniture manufacturer that combines design, development, production, and sales. 96% of orders come from school projects, government tenders, and global distributors. The production facility covers an area of 6757 square meters and currently employs 75 people. We have a hardware workshop, a woodworking workshop, and an upholstery workshop. Our product diversity, technical capabilities, customer support in the development of auxiliary project solutions, and OEM services are all part of our core strengths. We have advanced automatic production equipment, including CNC cutting machines, CNC drilling machines, laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, automatic pipe bending machines, and welding robots. Flyfashion adheres to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first” and the policy of “high quality, competitive price” to meet customers’ needs and provide honest service.

Main Products: School Furniture, Blackboard, Office Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Apartment Furniture

Advantages: As a professional furniture and blackboard manufacturer, we have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certifications with a 4A credit rating. Our patented products are also certified to CE and RoHS standards. Our team consists of senior technical experts and we have a complete production, quality control and service system, strictly adhering to standards to ensure quality.

10. Beijing Hushida Technology Co., Ltd

Hushida Technology Co., Ltd LogoHushida Company, headquartered in Beijing, has its research and development center in Beijing and a factory in Guangzhou responsible for manufacturing high-quality products. Since its establishment in 2010, it has adhered to the core value of “people-oriented” business and still holds this value today. The company has now expanded its product range from high-end whiteboards to universal kiosks with touch screens, digital signage, facial recognition kiosks, advertising LCD displays, etc. From a small office, it has grown into a world-class group combining independent research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. All Hushida employees serve customers around the world.

Main Products: Interactive Boards, Digital Signage and Displays, Other Advertising Equipment, Whiteboards, Digital Photo Frames, Blackboard

Advantages: We are an expert blackboard manufacturer with our own team of innovators. Our components incorporate cutting-edge technology and superior quality, which can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. We always stay on top of the latest trends. Just imagine it and we’ll make it happen!


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