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Top 10 Vending Machine Manufacturers In China

Vending Machine Manufacturers In ChinaVending machine has grown in popularity in recent years, offering customers a way to purchase products easily and conveniently without human intervention. As a result, there are many vending machine suppliers around the world, producing a wide range of vending machines for various industries and applications. Among them, Chinese vending machine manufacturers are the most famous.

Vending machine suppliers typically design, develop, and produce vending machines for various products, including snacks, beverages, electronics, and even pharmaceuticals. They also provide maintenance, installation and repair services to ensure their vending machines are in good working order. Chinese vending machine manufacturers can provide customized services to meet the specific needs of customers. This may include the design of the vending machine, the products dispensed, and the payment options available.

As technology continues to evolve, vending machine company is expected to continue developing exciting new products to meet the needs of customers around the world. China vending machine factory offer a range of advantages for businesses looking to purchase vending machines, from cost-effectiveness to customization options and advanced technology. The following are the top 10 vending machine manufacturers in China:

Best Vending Machine Company In China

1. Hunan Tcn Vending Machine Co., Ltd.

Tcn vending machine manufacturers in ChinaFounded in 2003, TCN is one of the biggest vending machine factories in China. After 19 years of brand accumulation, TCN vending machine is one of the national high-tech enterprises and national import and export enterprises integrating R&D, production and sales, specializing in providing high-quality vending machine products and self-service retail system solutions.

As a leading vending machine manufacturers in China, Tcn company provides media touch screen vending machines ,belt conveyor elevator vending machines and combo vending machines and custom made vending machines. All machines can with smart remote management system. TCN not only provides vending machines, but also provides series supplier system solutions. TCN exported machines to more than 100 countries, such as Singapore,Australia, America, Canada,France, UK, Russia and so on.

Main Products: Vending Machines

Advantage: Tcn vending machine manufacturers have plants with more than 100000 square meters and own automatic spraying line- environment friendship, assembly line, sheet production line and the injection molding production line, mold shop, yield up to 150000 units.

2. Hunan Afen Vending Machine Co., Ltd.

AFEN vending machine companyHunan Afen Vending Machine Co., Ltd. is a high-technology company,which is specialized in the developing, production and marketing of related products in the field of self-service technology. As a leading provider of vending machine system solutions in China, with its advanced technical capabilities and huge manufacturing capabilities, it is the best supplier and partner in the self-service market.

AFEN has industry-leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, and designs and provides the best and professional self-service retail solutions according to the different needs of customers. Our products are widely used in schools, highways, airports, stations, shopping malls, hospitals, enterprises, etc. It can be used to sell food, stationery, books, toys, clothing, medicine and family planning supplies, lunch boxes, freshly squeezed juice, etc., and supports coins, banknotes, WeChat, Alipay, IC cards, QR code payments, etc.

Main Products: Vending Machine

Advantage: In 2017, AFEN vending machine company expanded the plant 60,000 square meters, becoming one of the largest vending machine production base in the world. AFEN vending machines have been used in 50 countries and areas.

3. Guangzhou Reyeah Technology Co., Ltd.

Reyeah vending machine companyReyeah Technology was founded in 2011, focusing on smart unmanned retail industry design, research and development, production, sales and OEM/ODM solutions and services. It is a leading smart unmanned retail terminal software and hardware service innovation and creative enterprise.

Reyeah company is a high-quality vending machine supplier in China, with a complete software and hardware technology research and development, industrial design, safety operation and maintenance, modern production and global after-sales service team. In 2016, entered the high-tech enterprise Guangzhou Kechuang Giants, obtained the certification of self-service vending machine research and development, production and sales intellectual property management system, and obtained the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

Main Products: Vending Machine, Mini Vending Machine, Medium Vending Machine

Advantage: Reyeah vending machine manufacturers have dozens of self-developed patented products. It is a leader in the intelligent unmanned retail industry.

4. Guangdong Sindron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Vendlife - Professional vending machine Manufacturers In ChinaSince 2009, Vendlife is a leading vending machine manufacturers in China, can custom design food and snacks, cosmetics, adult, lucky box and other vending machines for you. As your vending machine business partner, we offer quality beverage and snack vending machines, food vending machines at wholesale prices.

With our vending services and industry experience, Vendlife operates in over 15 countries including Australia, India, Indonesia and more. Vendlife Vending Machine Company has professional sales staff, and our sales staff have an average of more than 5 years experience in this industry. Our varied and abundant Food Vending Machine and Drink Vending Machine selection allows you to provide premium products for employees and guests to enjoy. Welcome to send inquiry, we will provide one-stop service for you!

Main Products: Vending Machine

Advantage: Focusing on the research and development and improvement of vending machines for ten years, Vendlife is considered to be the leader in the intelligent unmanned retail industry.

5. Hunan Zhonggu Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Zoomgu Vending Machine ManufacturersZoomgu is a professional vending machine manufacturers in China, specialized in vending machine manufacturing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, remote manage system, big data, mobile payments, software, hardware research and customized service of vending machine. At the same time, Zoomgu vending machien company is the global O2O leader of Business solutions, and it is also the pioneer who combines internet, vending machine with traditional channel commercial chain mode based Cloud Service strategy of condition.

As a large-scale professional vending machine manufacturer in the world, Zoomgu has powerful sheet metal equipment and output, and multiple production lines are co-manufactured. It has a fully automatic environmentally-friendly spraying line, a final assembly line, a U-shell automatic assembly line, and a foaming automatic assembly line. Sheet metal production line, injection molding production line.

Main Products: Vending Machine

Advantage: Zoomgu Vending has become the largest vending machine manufacturer in China and it is an artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, telemetry system, mobile payment, software and hardware all in one enterprise.

6. Guangzhou Zhenghe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

zhzn vending machine supplierZHZN company is a professional vending machine manufacturers, offers OEM/ODM service for various of vending machine and self-service machine, from designing to sampling and mass production, as well as software developing and compatible. The company is a professional manufacturer of intelligent self-service equipment: including self-service vending machines, self-service terminals, mainly used in government centres, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, business halls, banks, transport centres, restaurants, car parks, tourist attractions, cinemas and other public places.

Main Products: Self Service Kiosk, Wall Mounted Vending Machine, Large Vertical Vending Machine, Elevator Vending Machine, Locker Vending Machine, Beauty Vending Machines

Advantage: The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, high-tech enterprise certificate, patent certificate, software copyright, etc.

7. Guangzhou Chuanbo Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuanbo vending machine companyChuanbo is china’s innovative technology enterprise which integrating R&D, production, sales and operation of intelligent commercial equipment. With the innovative strength of new technology, improve the scientific quality management system Steady development with excellent practical ability. Become a well-known commercial technology company in the industry.

We have various kinds of commercial intelligent equipment, including fully automatic cotton candy machine, automatic popcorn machine, automatic balloon machine, automatic milk tea machine, vending machine and other machines. Utilize new technology, deeply integrate artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud services, and big data; simplify the complexity, just to create more excellent intelligent retail equipments, and open up the era of unmanned self-service new retail intelligence.

Main Products: Cotton Candy Vending Machine, Popcorn Vending Machine, Sugar painting machine, Vending Machine, Balloon Machine

Advantage: Chuanbo company has passed IS09001 quality management system certification, international CE certification.

8. Hunan Xing Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.

xy vending machine companyXY vending machine is a professional vending machine manufacturers in China, specialized in vending machine manufacturing for snack, drink, pharmaceutical products, hot dishes and ice cream. XY vending machine suppliers are high tech company listed on the stock exchange and focusing on R&D and sophisticated manufacturing technologies we have achieved a large number of invention patents, design patents and utility model patents continuing creating value for our customers. Our intelligent and efficient machines and solutions are widely used in schools, offices, airports, railway stations, shopping malls and hospitals etc.

Main Products: Frozen Vending Machine, Elevator Vending Machine, Locker Vending Machine, Make Up Vending Machine, Medical Vending Machine

Advantage: XY vending machine has CE and ISO:9001 Certification. The company has a leading position in the market, exporting its machines worldwide to more than 80 countries. Our main markets are Southe.

9. Provending Machine Co., Ltd

Provending Machine Manufacturers in ChinaProvending Machine Co. Ltd. stands among the largest vending machine manufacturers and Vending Machine Suppliers based in China. We are renowned designers and manufacturers of vending machines that specialize in combining technology with modern functionality for a wholesome experience for the industrialist. Provending Machine Company specialize in manufacturing custom vending machines that come with different features and smart solutions. Provending Machine an online vending machine manufacturer you can trust and make a huge difference in the way you do business.

Provending Machine are operating with highly skilled and experienced engineers and workers. With decades of experience in vending machine manufacturing, they come to serve your needs. We use the best quality parts and ensure a seamless experience for businesses of all sizes.

Main Products: Coffee Vending Machine, Wall Mount Vending Machine, Snack and Drink Vending Machine, Smart Vending Machine, Automatic Coffee Machine, Smart RFID Fridge

Advantage: As a professional custom vending machine manufacturer and a vending machine supplier, Provending Machine will serve you through innovation and technology.

10. Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jetinno coffee vending machine companyFounded in 2013, JETINNO is an intelligent equipment company focusing on creating commercial coffee machines and solutions required by the market. We produce coffee machines for vending, HORECA and OCS deployments. Since its establishment, JETINNO has always committed to becoming a leading, technology-oriented and trustworthy coffee vending machine manufacturer. As of today, we have 2 production centers, 4 research labs and 1 R&D center.

With more than 60 professional engineers and 40,000 pcs machine annual production output, JETINNO empowers itself the ability of enhancing its global business presence. JETINNO dedicates itself to tech innovation of coffee equipment, so far it has over 80 technology patents in registration. Our coffee vending machines have been installed in more than 60 regions and countries, like Italy, Danmark, Spain. we now have 15 overseas major customers including La-cimbali, Nescafe, Lucking Coffee and Lamanti. With the vision of becoming a great coffee equipment maker, JETINNO believes that innovative coffee machine technologies can inspire life better.

Main Products: Coffee Vending Machine

Advantage: JETINNO has good business presence globally, it has already sold its coffee vending machines to over 60 countries and regions worldwide, especially the Europe, the US and the Southeast Asia markets.


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