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Sunroom Glass Roof Panels

 Sunroom Glass Roof PanelsProduct Name: Sunroom Glass Roof Panels
Brand Name: APRO
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: SR-11719
Roof Material: Insulating Glass
Roof Molding: Flat
Warranty: 5 years

Sunroom glass roof panel is a versatile, practical and affordable option that offers much more than just a garage or traditional add-on. They are an effective way to add more living space and natural light to your home.

Product Description

Product Data
Aluminium Profiles
Aluminium Alloy
ALU Wall Thickness
Surface Finishing and Color
1.2mm–2.0mm, Normally 1.4mm for window, 2.0mm for door
Anodized, Sliver & Bronze
Powder Coating, colore should be confirm with buyer
Electrophoresis, Sliver& Champagne
With thermal break aluminium system design for more energy saving function
Float glass
Single: 4mm -12mm, Double Glazing (With 6A/9A/12A/27A space)
clear/super clear/ tinted blue/green/coffee brown/grey
Insulated double glass
Insulated triple glass
Reflective glass
Low-E glass
Tempered glass
Laminated glass
Customized art glass
High quality, made in China of well-know brand (Kinlong )/ made in Germany (Siegenia /Roto )
Use EPDM sealant rubber
Stainless steel 304# accessories.
Production standard
Basis on the shop drawings which approved by the buyer

Sunroom side wall options

1.1,2,3,4 wall pieces or customized.
2. Windows: Sliding, folding, casement, awning, tilt and rotate, fixed windows can be installed on both sides of the wall.
3. Doors: Sliding doors, hinged doors, folding doors, lift doors and sliding doors can be installed on both sides of the wall

1.Double glazing. This material offers durability, insulation and glare reduction.

Sunroom glass options

1.Double glazing. This material offers durability, insulation and glare reduction.
2. Double-layer glass, low-emissivity coating. Applying a “low-e” coating helps the glass reflect heat and UV rays thereby improving energy efficiency.
3.Single glazing
4. The roof usually uses laminated glass, which is safe.

Product FAQ

1: Who are we?
We are Guangzhou Apro Building Materials Co. Ltd (APRO), specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and installation of aluminum windows, folding doors, curtain walls, blinds, railings, office partitions, aluminum-plastic panels and other aluminum products. Our mission is to provide customers with professional solutions and quality services by establishing a professional service network and a team of experienced engineers. APRO provides professional solutions, distinctive product designs, and all-weather, all-round services. APRO services range from pre-order on-site measurements, redesigned solutions, manufacturing and inspection.

2: What is your price?
Prices are based on the buyer’s specific requirements, so please provide the following information to help us quote you an accurate price.
1) Construction drawings/window schedule showing opening of windows
Method, size, quantity;
2) True color of aluminum;
3) Glass type (single layer or double layer or laminated or other) / glass thickness (5mm or 6mm or other, if you don’t know we can recommend according to window size) / glass color (transparent, tinted, reflective, low- E or other, with or without argon).

3: What are the standard sizes of your doors and windows?
A: Our products are manufactured by our customers. We always manufacture windows and doors as per buyer’s dimensions.

4: What is your delivery time?
For this series, we have 300M2 in stock for 10 working days, for this series we have 700M2 in stock for 40 working days.

5: What are your payment terms?
After confirming the order, pay 30% – 50% of the total amount as deposit via T/T, and pay the balance via T/T before loading the container.

6: Do we need to install glass (on-site glass) or do your windows already have glass installed?
We will install the glass at the factory according to the door and window size to ensure their safety during transportation. If it is convenient for you to install the entire door and window on site, it is recommended to install glass for large size products.

7: What is your warranty? What should we do if we encounter a problem?
Comes with a 5-year quality warranty that includes the frame not fading, not peeling, and the hardware and accessories working properly with proper handling. If quality problems occur, we will provide replacement via international express. Replacement parts in stock are delivered immediately, if not in stock the time should be based on material ordering time, usually 10-15 days.

8: What kind of services will you provide?
We are able to provide engineering and supervision services to guide the installation of our doors, windows, curtain walls and.

9: Do your products have certifications?
Yes, if your order quantity is for one 40ft container, we will test and certify our products.

10: What are your main products?
We can supply complete systems in aluminum (including profiles, glazing, hardware, accessories) as well as finished products ready for installation.


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