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Packing Air Bags

Sunshinepack Packing Air Bags ManufacturersProduct Name: Packing Air Bags
Brand Name: Sunshinepack
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Certification: SGS, ISO9001 and RoHS
ODM & OEM: Available
MOQ: 5,000pcs/size, 10,000pcs for ODM&OEM
Supply Ability: 1,500,000 pieces per month
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Cash, Western Union, PayPal

Sunshinepack packing air bags are a cushion bag made of 2-6cm air column and air column system. When the air column is inflated to 65%, it will naturally form a cushioning, connected, independent air column, forming the best cushioning package around the object. As a subversion of the concept of traditional packaging materials, cushioning air column bags have been developed to replace Poly, EPE, pulp plastic film and bubble bags. The cushion air column bag is not only lower in cost than traditional packaging, but also not small in size, and it is flat before inflation. Storage and transportation costs can also be reduced.

Product Information

Product Name shock-proof camera air cushion bag
Materials PE(polyethylene)+PA(nylon)
Craft heat seal
Color transparent
Thickness 60um
Size before inflate L290*W0.24*H340MM/bag
Inner size after inflate L140*W75*H180MM/bag
MOQ of the size of spots goods 5,000 pcs
Customized available
MOQ of customized 10,000 pcs

Packing Method

As a professional air column bag manufacturers, Sunshinepack can customize different packaging methods according to transportation requirements. Packing in cartons or by rolls are optional. In order to ensure the integrity of the product, we must pack it according to the high, medium and low grades of the product.

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?
Our company is Dongguan Sunshinepack Industrial Co., Ltd., a professional air column bag manufacturers in China. Our factory is equipped with modern production lines, and we are able to produce 200,000 boxes and 50,000 prints per day. All of our products are sold to different markets such as USA, Australia, Japan and Europe.

2. What inflation tools can be used?
Usually an air pump is used.

3. How to lock the air after inflation?
There is no need to seal after inflation, and the air will be locked automatically.

4. Can I customize the size?
Of course, just tell us the inner size of your product, and we will design the most suitable filling bag.

5. What is its carrying capacity?
It can easily bear the weight of an adult.

6. What else can be packed besides bags and boxes?
It also fills the shoe and prevents pinching, warping and more.

7. Is it certified for environmental protection?
Yes, it has passed SGS environmental certification.


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