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Juese is a unit specializing in the production of functional color-changing microcapsule materials and high thixotropic water-based materials. We are committed to become the world’s first-class functional color change material manufacturers and applications.

About Juese


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The company’s main products are rewritable inks and stationery inks, leather marking inks and industrial inks, thermochromic materials, photochromic materials, long-lasting aromatic materials and other functional materials.

With the tenet of innovation and service, our material application covers many fields such as ink coating (ink), clothing printing, handicraft accessories, plastics, printing, cosmetics, anti-counterfeiting, etc., and can provide a full range of technical services.

Functional materials can help you enhance the value of your products, create added value for various products, and make each of your products unique. Without innovation, there is no competitiveness.

Continuous innovation is the philosophy of survival that Juese adheres to. With innovation and service as the benchmark, we are committed to becoming a world-class supplier of functional materials.

Company Information

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Company: Shandong Juese New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Thermochromic Erasable Ink, Thermochromic Material, Photochromic Material, Nano Pigment Quick Drying Gel Pen Ink, Pigment Marker Ink, Pigment Ballpoint Pen Ink, Pen and Refill
City / State: Tanan, Shandong
Country: China

Contact Juese

Address: Taifeng R&D Base, No. 396 Development Avenue, Development Zone, Xintai City, Shandong Province, China

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