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Joy Inflatable Igloo Tent T-182

Joy Inflatable Igloo Tent T-182Product Name: Joy Inflatable Igloo Tent
Brand name: Joy Inflatable
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: T-182
Material: 0.6mm PVC Tarpaulin
Certification: CE / EU, ASTN, EN71, SGS
Delivery Time days: 7-10 days

Joy Inflatable Igloo Tent can be used as an inflatable stage cover, a great choice for outdoor events, promotions, concerts. It is made of 0.6mm UV-resistant strong PVC tarpaulin material, which is easy to clean when it gets dirty. All corners, both exterior and interior, are fitted with D-Anchors for easy access. To ensure your inflatable tent stays in place, use tethers and ground stakes as secure D-anchors. All of our inflatable airtight tents are equipped with a pressure relief valve to ensure your inflatable tent stays in place. Prevents over-inflation when inflated or during high temperatures.

Product Description

Materials Durable  0.6mm white color pvc  /18.5OZ PVC coated vinyl which is waterproof ,fireproof and u/v protected
Warranty 3-5 years
Inflate and Deflate Easy to install and take down


Air tight technology: Welder by Miller machine in high steam and reinforcement at joint part .
Features:100% waterproof ;only once inflate ,airtight
Printing Logo printed by Digitally printing or Silk-screen printing
Air Pump(airtight product) Air pump with CE/UL certificates, 110V/220V, various powers
Accessories Blower or air pump , repair Kit ,Glue ,Carry bag (for free )


Inflatable product is packed by heavy-duty PVC carry bag;
air blower/ air pump is packed by exported standard carton.

Product Material

  • With 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC 1000 D which is waterproof and fireproof+0.5mm transparent pvc.
  • High grade PVC net cloth USES environmental protection 3P raw material, non-toxic and tasteless, anti-uv, anti-aging, flame retardant, meet international standard.
  • PVC net cloth is a product that is made of transparent PVC film and grid cloth. It can clearly see the middle net cloth through PVC film.
  • It has a strong three-dimensional feeling and feel soft and hard. It belongs to environmental protection and low toxicity products.
  • All new material production, used all year round outdoors for 3-5 years!

PVC mesh cloth performance

  • Excellent weather resistance, prolongs service life.
  • Enhanced chemical resistance.
  • Has anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation properties.
  • With flame retardant, fire safety.
  • Excellent tensile, tear, anti-peeling and other characteristics

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?
Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited is located in Guangzhou city,a beautiful and international city of south China. Joy Inflatable is a professional inflatable manufacturer which is specialized in all kinds of inflatable water parks,inflatable tent and the Inflatable air bag. Our products are widely used in entertainment fields, exhibitions, indoor and outdoor children’s playgrounds, water parks, sports, advertising, amusement activities, etc.

2. How to install the Inflatable Event Tent?
1. To find space , long , wide and high enough to place the tent on the ground.
2. Clean up the site, not allow have sharp objects and high-voltage wires to keep safety .
3. It would be much better if put a cushion under it such as carpets, plastic color cloth protect the tent from sundries .
4. Spread out and flatten the tent on the ground .
5. Connect the air inlet of inflatable tent and the outlet of blower tightly, and then tight alternative air inlet with a rope.
6. When the blower switched on, inflatable tent will be inflated within 10-30 minutes (depend the size of the tent ).
7. If there is a wind, fill the sandbag and tie it to D-rings on the bottom of the tent or tie the Stakes to D-rings on the bottom and insert the stakes in the soil.

3. How to do when the inflatable tent Leak?
If an air leak is found, wipe the air column first, and then smear the surface with soapy water to check for air leaks. If the leak is a small hole, you can use a small piece of round maintenance cloth (standard in any size of inflatable tent), then apply glue with a brush, and stick it on the leak after it dries.


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