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Suzhou Jinchang Districe Eiwel Wedding Dresses Factory

Eiwel is best wedding dresses and special occasion gowns factory in China, we have been in the wedding apparel production for over 15 years.

About Eiwel Wedding Dress

Eiwel Wedding DressSuzhou Jinchang Districe Eiwel Wedding Dresses Factory is a professional export-oriented manufacturer of wedding dresses and special occasion gowns which is located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province of China. Our factory has been in the wedding apparel production for over 15 years. We has advanced technology and experienced professionals, so as to ensure quality of products continues to increase. We are using the most high-quality fabrics, products, and diverse styles in production, fashion and novel.Also in the peers we has won widespread praise. Distinguished designer design specifically for many types of customers. We regularly purchase the popular fabrics and accessories overseas to meet the changing needs of the apparel market.

Our advantages:

Production Line: We make every effort to make each wedding perfectly. Every customer can enjoy the most professional and timely service. In addition, different technologies and processes between products penetrate each other, thereby creating more innovative designs. Some brides may find it difficult to find a suitable headdress and clothes to match the bride. But we can design the wear matching headgear for you to choose, different colors of dress matching gloves.

Market Transport: Through Shanghai our goods can be transported to designated locations anywhere in the world. By working with various airlines and shipping companies, we can offer very competitive shipping prices for customers to choose, you can also request based around the clothing quotas.

Quality and delivery assurance: We have experienced operational staff to closely follow up the amount which spent for each order processed every step, so as to ensure pre-shipment delivery plan in time. Although each production process is strictly an oversight, but the quality is still to be improved. We will continue to challenge ourselves, constantly innovate in order to make our products to achieve excellence for every one.

Sample: Each quarter we will launch dozens of wedding design models, including the original design and sample processing. We will provide you with the latest style series by e-mail, along with price information for reference. At the same time We sincerely welcome your incoming, sample processing, and customizing.Finally, Our considerate service, popular price and reliable goods and other advantages, will certainly grow.

We have the spirit of “honesty, excellence.” We follow the “all in pursuit of objectives to customer demand” business philosophy, to bring the best products ,the most professional and timely production to each customer! We look forward to establishing long-term cooperation with you.

Company Information

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

Company: Suzhou Jinchang Eiwel Wedding Dress Factory

Main Products: Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Prom Dress, Flower Girl Dress, Wedding Gown

City / State: Suzhou , Jiangsu

Country: China

Contact Eiwel Wedding Dress

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 36-1 Shen Geng Shang, Chahua Village, JInchang District, Suzhou, China

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