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Cosda is a leading specialty tool manufacturer in Taiwan, China, and renowned for its innovation and excellent service. Is a family-owned company with more than 40 years of history.

About Cosda



In the first decade, the company was a micro bicycle component manufacturer with only a couple of milling machines. And by chance, the founder – Mr. Liu bought an auto repair tool to use on his car, but he found the tool had much to improve, so he did.

The improved tool – the universal cooling system leakage tester – received the first patent for Cosda in 1991 and became an instant success. In 1996, the launch of its new pneumatic brake caliper wind back tool during Automechanika Frankfurt helped the company open the doors to larger export markets, such as Germany, France, and ltaly.

Nowadays, Cosda has grown to an auto tool manufacturer with more than 250 standard products, CNC machines with robotic arms, and 30+ patents worldwide. To produce tools that make users feel safe, increase their work efficiency, and surpass their expectations. And to become the best manufacturer as well as a service provider in the auto repair tool industry in Taiwan, China.

Cosda does not develop its own brand, but focuses on providing private label products to well-known brands in Austraila, Europe, Japan, the UK, and the US. Private label services from Cosda can be realized in several ways, with adequate MOQ:
1. Storage case color changes to your branding color.
2. Customized package box with your own design.
3. Your logo to be laser etched on the part(s) in the tool set.
4. You want a product but cannot find a manufacturer (OEM).
5. Let us know your ideas and we can discuss the feasibility.

Our Advantages

1. The data is from onsite check of the latest inspection report assessed by independent third parties.
2. Suppliers who have more than 10 years of experience in export, as assessed by independent third parties.
3. Suppliers who possess patents, research and development staff, equipment and procedures, as assessed by independent third parties.

Company Information

Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products: Vehicle Tools
City / State: Taiwan
Country: China

Contact Cosda

Address: 1f., No.95, Jiansing Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 411, Taiwan, China

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