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CNC Central Machinery Parts

Aidely CNC Central Machinery PartsProduct Name: CNC Central Machinery Parts
Brand Name: Aidely
Model Number: Al063
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Minimum: 1-10pcs
Delivery: 10-15days
Package: Bubble Bag, Carton Box
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T

Aidely’s CNC central machinery parts are anodized with imported aluminum substrates, and strict process parameters are controlled to meet the surface appearance requirements. Four-axis rotation at eight different angles completes 16 holes to form complex cavities. The relative position is more demanding. After completion, the side hole is sealed with 7MPa pressure for testing. After oxidation, the accuracy of more than one aperture H7 should be guaranteed.

CNC Parts Specification

Product Name CNC machinery Parts
CNC machining parts, precision CNC parts, CNC turning parts, CNC milling parts,Metal parts.
CNC parts, CNC machinery parts, Mechanical components, Auto parts, Metal parts,
  Material Die casting parts, Metal stamping parts, Sheet metal fabrication.
Aluminum,Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Carbon steel, Plastic (POM,PVC,PEEK,PU etc)
Alloy steel, Tiantium, Iron, spring steel, Bronze.
Surface treatment Anodized, Passivation, heat treatment, painting, Power coating, Black Oxide, Silver/Gold plating
Electrolytic polishing, Nitrided, Phosphating, Sandblasting, Nickel/Zinc/Chrome /TiCN plated.
Application Industry Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, telecommunications, electronic, military, packing
Sensors, Optical instruments, computers,Motorcycles etc.
Processing method CNC machining, CNC turning, 3/4/5 axis CNC milling, wire-cutting, EDM, grinding.
Drilling, Tapping, welding, bending,die casting, stamping and etc.


CNC Milling Equipment List

Model Machine Brand Travel Dist.(mm) Accuracy(mm) Max Spindle Speed
CNC Milling 5 Axis VARIAXIS J-500/5X Mazak 350(X)*560(Y)*510(Z)*360°(C) 0.005 12000rpm
CNC Milling 4 Axis VTC-160AN Mazak 560(X)*410(Y)*510(Z)*360°(C) 0.005 12000rpm
SUPER-VF2 Haas 760(X)*420(Y)*510(Z)*360°(C) 0.005 12000rpm
CNC Milling 3 Axis AF-1400 Awea 1400(X)*800(Y)*700(Z) 0.005 12000rpm
VTC-200CN Mazak 1250(X)*620(Y)*600(Z) 0.005 12000rpm

CNC Conventional Equipment List

Model Machine Type Machine Brand Max Travel Dist.(mm) Accuracy(mm) QTY
Turing Shenyang/Guangzhou
¢500*750 0.015 8
3VA Milling Joint/Jande 1270*254*350 0.01 13
HF618S/DFG-250M/KGS-306AH Surface grinder Jiande/Beijin 1000*600 0.001 5
HFC1808 Centerless grinding Jangsu ¢1-50 0.002 1
MG1420F ID/OD grinder Beijing Second MC ¢200*500 0.003 1

CNC Parts Main Features

Electronic stamping assembly fixture designed by Aidely according to customer requirementsWe provide a variety of assembly and testing services for the manufacturing industry.

1. Vertical integration through precision machining, superior supply chain management tools guarantee you the highest quality and fastest turnaround time.

2. We are always ready to meet any of your requirements.

3. MFG Engineering Services for Assembly Manufacturing

4. We do different types of material surface treatment:
1) Stainless steel: electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, passivation, chrome plating.
2) Aluminum alloy: sandblasting, ordinary, hard anodizing, passivation, natural color, black, gray, red, etc., spray paint, powder spray, etc.
3) Carbon steel and alloy steel: blackened, galvanized, chrome, nickel plated, chemically plated.

Company Profile

Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Aidely Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts and fixtures for solar energy, electronics, optical communications, medical equipment, office automation and other industries. Today, we have a factory building of 5000 square meters and more than 260 employees, most of whom are highly skilled technicians. We have more than 100 high-precision tools and instruments, including Mazak five-axis and four-axis CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, EDM machines, high-precision ID/OD grinders, surface grinders, high-precision height gauges made in Switzerland, Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). As a professional machinery parts manufacturer in China, our company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification of the famous Moody’s International Group.


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