Current Date:April 23, 2024

Chameleon Tint

chameleon tint filmProduct Name: Chameleon Tint Film
Brand Name: New Vision Film
Place of Origin: China
Product Type: New Vision & Alilula
MOQ: 1 roll
Model Number: CM6099
Service: oem, odm, packing as required

Chameleon tint film is an ink film for car windows. With all the tasks perfectly matched to film on car glass, this technology has become widespread among car enthusiasts due to its simplicity, reliability and relative cheapness. There are a huge number of different tint films that help protect car windows and give the car a modern look. Transparent protective film for externally invisible glass and does not affect light transmission capacity.

Technologies do not stand still, and today the tint film on the windshield can have these properties:

  • Tinting. Tinted glass protects the driver from bright sunlight and makes driving more comfortable.
  • Durability. Depending on thickness and composition, some tint films provide reliable protection not only against third-party vandalism, but can also withstand a gun shot.
  • Protection against scratches, cracks and chips. Despite the fact that windshields are made of triplex technology, very often when driving on country roads or bad highways, small stones leave chips and even cracks on the glass. With a tint film coating, it’s not a threat.
  • Comfort. Athermal films prevent excess heat from entering the car interior, saving air conditioning resources and making the interior atmosphere more comfortable.
  • Decor. Undoubtedly, any coating tint film with a certain shade radically changes the appearance of the car, improving its appearance.

Product Information

Colorblue chameleon
Size Available1.52m*30m
Delivery Lead Time5-20 days
Supply Ability100,000 meters per day

Product Detail

IR Rejection88%80%80%
UV Rejection98%98%99%

Our Advantages

1. Light-transmitting film so you don’t lose your vision.
2. It can be a light film to prevent heat from getting inside the car/building.
3. AM radio waves can pass through the car glass.

Product FAQ

1. Who are we?

We are Guangdong New Vision Film Co., Ltd. It is a manufacturer of explosion-proof color film and automotive film with complete testing equipment and strong technical staff. Our products are widely used in automotive windows as well as commercial and residential glass windows. Products are widely recognized and trusted by customers around the world and can meet changing economic and social needs.


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