Current Date:April 15, 2024

Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3

Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3Exhibition Name: Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3
Industry: Consumer Goods
Organizer: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, People’s Government of Guangdong Province
Exhibition Area: 850012.00㎡
Exhibitor Number: 42771
Visitors Number: 693910 people
Held Period: 1 year 2 session
Hosting Address: Canton Fair Complex Guangzhou, China

Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3 – Introduction

The Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3 focuses on lifestyle and consumer health, including personal care products, bathroom products, pharmaceuticals, health products and medical devices. This exhibition will cater to the needs of families and set up special areas for pet products, maternal and infant products, clothing accessories, toys, etc.

The Canton Fair 2023 has a total exhibition area of 850,000 square meters, 42,659 exhibitors, 692,013 exhibitors (192,013 foreign buyers), and business activities such as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, and consulting.

Various large-scale forums will also be held during the Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3, such as: international market forum, brand meeting the future forum; brand marketing design forum, consumption-centered technology forum, etc. Merchants from all over the world gather in Guangzhou to exchange business information and enhance friendship.

Each stage of the 2024 Canton Fair is tailored to cater to various sectors of the global economy, showcasing a range of products and innovations from various industries. This ensures that visitors with any industry focus can find valuable opportunities for business development, networking and insights into future trends on this global trade platform. It remains a valuable platform that provides insights into the global business landscape.

Its scale is a testament to the importance of the event in strengthening global trade links. The range of products on display includes electronics, home appliances and machinery, textiles and apparel and healthcare products for the international market – this extensive exhibition provides ample opportunities for networking and attracts buyers and sellers from all corners of the globe. . This consolidates the role of the Canton Fair as one of the promoters of international economic cooperation.

The Canton Fair is more than just a trade show: it is a valuable channel between Chinese manufacturers and international buyers, creating a large number of business transactions and partnerships. This unparalleled platform attracts more than 25,000 exhibitors from around the world every year, providing businesses across all industries with valuable opportunities to discover new markets, discover innovative products, and attract potential suppliers/customers/suppliers.

As the Canton Fair continues to develop and adapt to the changing environment of global business, its impact on international trade facilitation, business innovation and cross-cultural exchanges is unparalleled. More than just an annual trade fair, its existence is a testament to China’s open market policies and commitment to creating an open trading community for world business.

Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3 – Exhibit Scope

Toys, maternity and infant products, children’s clothing, men’s and women’s clothing, underwear, sportswear and casual wear, fur, leather, down and products, clothing decorations and accessories, shoes, textile raw materials and fabrics, bags, home textiles, carpets and tapestries, office stationery, Food, pharmaceutical and health products and medical equipment, personal care products, bathroom products, sports and travel and leisure products, pet products, and specialty products for rural revitalization.

Canton Fair Spring 2024 Phase 3 – Dates

Exhibition Time: May 1-5, 2024


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